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Pupil, Citizen, Life-saver

The Red Cross’ Pupil, Citizen, Life-saver campaign urged the government to put first aid and humanitarian education at the heart of England’s new national curriculum.

The government announced the new curriculum in July 2013. While it does include some points on human rights and international law, disappointingly first aid has not been mentioned. 

We believe that first aid skills can help to build stronger communities and ensure that future generations can cope in a crisis.

Teachers, parents and pupils have demonstrated fantastic levels of support for first aid education in schools. There are many ways that schools can give their pupils first aid education. 

Stand up for first aid in schools

Over the next few months, we would like you to talk to teachers and head teachers, school governors and your MP. Please ask them to promote opportunities across the curriculum for first aid education in all schools, including through PSHE lessons.

Our research shows that:

  • 98% of parents want first aid on the curriculum
  • 98% of teachers want it on the curriculum
  • 91% of pupils want to learn first aid at school

How you can help

Please use whatever ways you feel most comfortable with to communicate your message. You could arrange a time to chat or write a letter.

If you are able to meet your MP, you could ask them for their support in championing this issue with local schools. To find out about visiting your MP, go to

What we’d like them to do

Whoever you talk to, ask them what they can do to help.  Can teachers and school governors promote first aid education for their school? Could your MP write to local schools supporting first aid education?

Please let us know how you get on by emailing us at

Key points to tell teachers, head teachers, school governors and MPs

  • First aid is a skill for life that benefits individuals and communities.
  • First aid skills are simple to learn and can be taught by teachers with no prior first aid training, thanks to our handy resources
  • Research shows that first aid can make communities stronger and reduce the number of people visiting A&E. 
  • All our research shows that children love learning first aid and are not afraid to use it when the time comes. This means we have the potential to create a generation of life-savers.

These messages will be much more powerful if you are able to tell your own stories about your first aid experiences or occasions when your family needed first aid skills.

If you would like to discuss this further or would like more support, please email


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