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What's wrong?

Snakebite victim Laura Brasher and a Red Cross volunteer© InfoWith falling funding and rising needs, the current health and care system too often ignores people’s needs until after they reach a crisis.

Or people suffer because of fragmented care and lack of support - particularly after leaving hospital. 

The Red Cross says: more preventative support is needed

Everyone who experiences a health crisis should receive an offer of practical and emotional help - especially when they are leaving hospital. Practical and emotional help can boost vulnerable people's independence and resilience, and prevents their needs (and costs) from becoming worse.

We believe councils should be legally required to offer funded preventive support services for people with low-level needs.

Read our in-depth report on how the Red Cross support at home service helps people in crisis.

Volunteer in a client's home

Social cuts put vulnerable people at risk

Our report shows that cuts to preventative social care support are putting elderly and vulnerable people at risk.


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