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Principled humanitarian action should be protected to ensure the most vulnerable people get help.

What’s wrong?

Humanitarian and development aims are increasingly being defined through the language of trade and security. This blurs the lines between humanitarian assistance and economic and national interests.

In a world of expanding and unmet humanitarian need, humanitarian organisations need to find a more effective way to collaborate on a local, national and international basis to help those in crisis.

What are we calling for?

  • The UK’s commitment to development aid must be protected and allocated on the basis of need to ensure the most vulnerable are helped.
  • Humanitarian aid should always be distinct from political, security, economic or military objectives in order to protect the humanitarian principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence. The Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement relies on these principles to work in some of the most difficult contexts and hard to reach areas.
  • The UK government should ensure that humanitarian preparedness and response is as local as possible, and as international as necessary. Empowering national and local groups creates a more inclusive and effective system that recognises the needs of the most vulnerable.

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