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British Red Cross launches food crisis appeal

3 March 2017

The British Red Cross today launched its East Africa Food Crisis Appeal to help some of the almost 20 million people across the region currently facing severe hunger.

Complex factors including conflict and continuous drought have combined to create conditions where millions of people are not getting enough to eat.

Areas of Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan are all affected.

  • In Kenya an estimated 2.7 million people are acutely food insecure, with 6 million people in urgent need of safe clean water
  • In Ethiopia 2 million school-aged children require emergency feeding
  • In Somalia 6.2 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance, with 363,000 children under 5 acutely malnourished
  • In South Sudan 4.9 million people are expected to be severely food insecure by July 2017 

“On the ground we’re seeing mothers who cannot feed their babies, children who are too hungry to go to school, and elderly people walking for hours a day to find water,” said Mike Adamson, chief executive at the British Red Cross

“Because of severe food and water shortages crops are failing and livestock are dying in huge numbers, and, coupled with increasing food prices, people simply aren’t able to get enough to eat.

“The region is in an extreme situation which is expected to worsen significantly over the coming weeks and months. We urgently need more funds to address both emergency needs and underlying vulnerability. This is a long-term, chronic situation,” added Adamson.

The Red Cross has been responding to drought across the region for months, but with the situation worsening and human suffering increasing, further funds are urgently needed.

To support the British Red Cross East Africa Food Crisis Appeal visit or call 0845 054 7200.

Money raised from the appeal will go to support the work of the Red Cross in the region, providing emergency food and water, helping people recover their livelihoods, and protecting families against future crises.



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