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Red Cross receives £1million to assist Syrians in Turkey

3 October 2012

The British Red Cross will receive £1million from the UK government Department for International Development to provide 10,000 Syrian refugees in Turkey with essential supplies as the inhospitable winter approaches.

The funding will help the Turkish Red Crescent provide key essentials like blankets, heaters and warm clothing for adults, babies and children, as well as fuel and cookers to heat food and shelter for refugees who have fled the conflict in Syria.

‘Desperately cold’

Barry Armstrong, disaster response manager for British Red Cross, said: “Many people have fled the fighting and have not been able to bring basic winter clothing or blankets with them. Turkish winters are desperately cold at night, and thousands of people are living in tents without adequate protection against the winter weather.

“Already there are over 93,000 refugees registered in Turkey, and more and more people continue to cross the border to safety. The Turkish Red Crescent has been providing much needed aid including shelter and food, but we need to step this up”.

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is providing support both in Syria and in the surrounding countries. The Syrian Arab Red Crescent and International Committee of the Red Cross are among the only major agencies able to work across frontlines in Syria.

In Syria, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent is providing healthcare support including medical supplies, food, basic aid items such as hygiene kits, and first aid training for communities.

In Lebanon, the Lebanese Red Cross is providing medical support to refugees, and in Jordan the Jordanian Red Crescent is supporting over 50,000 Syrians refugees with food and other basic aid items.

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