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Volunteers help nurses reach critically ill patients

22 March 2013

As heavy weather causes disruption across the UK, our volunteers are helping nurses reach critically ill patients and delivering vital medication through the snow.

Following a call-out from health officials in North Wales, Red Cross emergency response teams are currently using Land Rover 4x4 vehicles to provide help in very challenging circumstances.

One team is battling through the blustery conditions to ensure nurses can continue to reach – and treat – the critically ill in their own homes. Another Land Rover is being used to run vital insulin supplies to the homes of patients.

More snow forecast

The weather is also playing havoc with working life. And that’s why a third 4x4 vehicle is transporting Bangor Hospital staff cut off by the snow directly into work, so key health services won’t be disrupted due to staff shortages.

Altogether, three Red Cross 4X4 vehicles and nine emergency response volunteers were deployed this morning (Friday). More Red Cross volunteers and vehicles are currently en route to the area to bolster the response this afternoon and over the weekend, as more snow is forecast.

Rural isolation

David Hallows, service manager, said: “Our 4x4 vehicles are vitally useful in helping the nurses make it through these tough weather conditions to patients, many of whom are seriously ill.”

He added: “Snowy and icy weather such as this can cause huge problems for vulnerable people, especially those living in rural areas.

“Driving conditions are particularly bad today but our volunteers are all highly trained and happy to help. This kind of work is exactly what we are here for.”

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