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Our corporate strategy

Our 2015-2019 corporate strategy is called 'Refusing to ignore people in crisis'. Here's a whistle-stop tour through the main aims of the strategy.

Put people in crisis at the heart of everything we do

This will guide our work for the next five years. We will make sure we listen and respond to the changing needs of those we help.

Focus our resources on where we can help the most

In the UK we will make sure our services are top-quality, more accessible and meet the needs of the people we help. Overseas we'll use our expertise, skills and funding to strengthen National Societies and help them deal with some of the overwhelming crises they face.

Speak up for people in crisis

Our voice will help us transform the way people think about us so that more people access our services, get excited about us and support what we do. We will make sure the voice of the people we help comes through loud and clear. We want to improve lives by bringing about changes in policy and practice.

Use technology to help more people

We're going to make sure we've got technology that matches our ambitions. We will build our IT systems to make our services even better, and improve the way we collect and use data.

Attract and keep the right people to deliver our services

We want to ensure we have the best mix of people in the right roles who believe in our mission, values and fundamental principles. We want to be an organisation that people want to work and volunteer for.

Ensure value for money and share responsibility for raising money

It is more important than ever that all staff and volunteers work together to maximise our income. When we receive donations and income, we will make sure that every pound makes the biggest possible impact for people in crisis.

By 2019...

By the end of 2019 we will have made an extraordinary impact on the lives of people in crisis.

  • We will work smarter – ensuring value for money and improving our technology.
  • We will be braver – being ready to change and speak out to meet the needs of people we support.
  • Our people will feel proud and engaged with our work.
  • Together we will build a world where everyone gets the help they need in a crisis.