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How to add a gift to an existing will with a codicil

Man and woman preparing documents© InfoOne simple way to make changes to an existing will is to use a codicil.

Codicils allow you to add a gift to the British Red Cross in your latest will, and make simple additions or alterations without needing to visit a solicitor.

How to use a codicil

You can download a codicil form here. If you would like further information you can contact one of our community legacy managers. For more complex changes we would recommend you consult with your solicitor and consider having your will redrafted.

Once completed, the codicil should be kept in a safe place together with your will.

Things to remember:

  1. As when making a will, your signing of the codicil will need to be witnessed by two adults at the same time.
  2. The completed codicil will need to be kept together with the copy of your latest will. It is recommended that a copy of your latest will and codicil is kept with your solicitor, and/or trusted family member or friend who are not executors, beneficiaries or their partners.

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