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'This is a story of hope and opportunity'

Children in South Africa

As a major donor, Andrew travelled to South Africa with us to see an HIV and TB programme they funded in the KwaZulu-Natal province.

Sharing skills and stories

Andrew was able to attend a peer education session. Volunteers and young people met to share life skills, promote positive living and spread vital health messages.

Andrew also visited the home of Patricia, a full‑time carer of five grandchildren: two of whom were born HIV positive. Two others have since been diagnosed with Tuberculosis.

Patricia receives regular visits, training and support from Red Cross volunteers.

Effective and local

“There are a number of words which I could use to describe the work I saw being done, but perhaps the key one is ‘effective’,” Andrew says.

“I can see why this is such a flagship project for the Red Cross.

“It is extremely well managed; providing effective support to many thousands of people, and is doing this using local resources and, in particular, local volunteers.”

Hopes and plans

The Red Cross has some ambitious plans to continue expanding our work in KwaZulu-Natal. This will dramatically increase the project’s impact and improve its long-term sustainability.

As Andrew adds: “This is a story full of hope and opportunity”.

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