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About the Tiffany Circle

Tiffany Circle is a global network of accomplished women from different walks of life. These women use their skills, resources and enthusiasm to make a real difference to the work of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

In the UK, engaging, dynamic women from all backgrounds have come together to build friendships and further the work of the British Red Cross. They each share a vision of changing lives, saving lives and strengthening communities. Tiffany Circle members are changing thousands of lives every year in the UK and internationally.

Every woman who joins the Tiffany Circle commits to making an annual gift of £5,000 to the British Red Cross. Members are able to decide how their funds are directed. They are particularly dedicated to investing in the health and wellbeing of women and children in crisis.

To see how they have already changed thousands of lives, read about the impact of the Tiffany Circle.

Lending enthusiasm and expertise

The Tiffany Circle is led by its members, who collectively determine the goals of the circle. Members of the Circle have the opportunity to meet and connect with a variety of successful women across the globe and at the same time, make a real difference for an incredible cause. Members can lend their enthusiasm, time or expertise to further the circle and the work of the Red Cross. We know time is precious for all of our members so they are free to give as much or as little time as they would like.

Members of the Tiffany Circle

  • Invest in vulnerable communities in the UK and around the world 
  • Inspire other women to make a difference 
  • Lead a new philanthropic movement in the UK 
  • Meet and celebrate achievements with other motivated women 
  • Learn about the lifesaving work of the international Red Cross movement 
  • Attend fun, glamorous and inspiring events locally, nationally and internationally 
  • Advocate for the British Red Cross 
  • Get trained in lifesaving skills such as First Aid 
  • Ensure the British Red Cross can always be there for people in crisis

Join the Tiffany Circle

If you would like to have a conversation with us about the Tiffany Circle, please call Kate Brown on 020 7877 7106 or email



It feels fantastic to be part of a network of women with diverse skills and backgrounds, but a shared purpose… This year, I’ve met people I would never have otherwise met, from Samantha Cameron to Kate – the first aider who taught me vital and potentially life-saving skills


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Download the Tiffany Circle 2014-15 Year in Review

Join the Tiffany Circle

If you would like to have a conversation with us about the Tiffany Circle, please call Kate Brown on 020 7877 7106 or email

Impact of the Tiffany Circle

South Africa Boniswe and daughter in their home

We focus on supporting the most vulnerable people in the most vulnerable places.

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The Tiffany Circle story

Red Cross volunteer nurses

The Tiffany Circle started in the USA and is now expanding with circles around the world.

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