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Tiffany Circle events

We organise a series of exciting and unique events throughout the year for our members. These range from prestigious celebration evenings to informative project visits and engaging lunches with British Red Cross experts and leadership.

Come along to one or two of our inspiring events and find out what an amazing experience it is to be a part of the Tiffany Circle.

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Previous events

Tiffany Circle 'Eleven Women Facing War' Photography Exhibition and Reception, 25 April 2017

The Tiffany Circle welcomed world-renowned photographer, Nick Danziger, to speak about his inspiring work with the Red Cross. Nick has travelled around the world documenting the lives of women facing war in some of the most vulnerable countries.

His work captures the hope that still exists in places hardest-hit by conflict, while also bringing to light the stark realities women often face. Guests had the opportunity to view Nick’s work and hear first-hand his personal stories of the phenomenal women he has profiled during his career.



Women in Conflict Inspirational Breakfast, 19 May 2017

Women queue up to collect supplies from the ICRC© Info

Our experts shared insights into some of the most complex humanitarian situations facing the world today. With civilians increasingly the victims of protracted conflicts, women are particularly vulnerable to the added risk of gender-based violence. Hear about the importance of protecting women during conflict and the integral roles women play in rebuilding their communities when the fighting stops. “Empowered women and girls are the best hope for sustainable development following conflict. They are the best drivers of growth and the best hope for reconciliation.” - UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.


A Dangerous Journey Inspirational Lunch, 30 June 2017

a dangerous journey

The Tiffany Circle gained an insight into the realities of life for refugees in the UK and heard how the Red Cross helps by offering support, protection and the hope of reconnecting with family members and building a new life.

In 2015, the number of people forced to leave their homes through conflict and persecution passed 60 million for the first time. Whilst the majority of refugees around the world are hosted in developing countries, some are able to reach safety in Britain. The Red Cross provides opportunities for families to reunite, as many refugees become separated from their loved ones in the chaos of fleeing unbearable situations. 


Save the Life of a Loved One, 15 September 2017

save the life of a loved one

The Red Cross delivers first aid skills that help people cope with, and take action in a crisis. Find out more about this vital area of our work and pick up some lifesaving tips in this practical and fun workshop. Read more

You could be the missing link in an emergency, stepping in to save the life of a loved one by using simple first aid knowledge. It is important to remember that you are more likely to give first aid to a member of your family or a friend than a stranger. Learn how you can provide simple lifesaving support and help us reach our vision of a world where everyone gets the help they need in an emergency.



Tiffany Circle Fifth Anniversary, 4 October 2017

Tiffany Circle AnniversaryThe British Red Cross Tiffany Circle will celebrate its fifth anniversary in October 2017 at Lancaster House, a spectacular venue befitting of this special celebration. Guests will hear from exceptional speakers and enjoy lively conversation with other dynamic and remarkable women from across the UK.

Past Tiffany events have included special guests such as Samantha Cameron; Ffion Hague; ICRC Director of International Law and Policy, Helen Durham; President of the Afghan Red Crescent, Fatima Galiani; historian, Celia Sandys; and actor, Jim Carter.

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Tiffany Circle inspirational lunchtime talks and workshops

The Tiffany Circle is delighted to host a series of inspirational and informative lunches and interactive workshops designed to immerse guests in important areas of Red Cross work. Have you ever wondered how the most vulnerable populations prepare for emergencies or what life is like for women during times of war? These sessions will provide you with frontline accounts, from experts in their fields, on these and other topics. Join us to speak directly with our team of experts and gain insight into how the Red Cross helps people in crisis around the world.

Creating Healthy Communities Inspirational Lunch, 17 November 2017

creating healthy communities

Discover how simple interventions can have a transformative impact by reducing preventable disease and helping create healthy communities. Hear how this can also give women and girls an opportunity to pursue an education and earn a living. Read more

As UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has said, ‘Healthy women and children make healthy societies; a sound foundation for sustainable prosperity for men, women and children.” Find out how the Red Cross Movement works closely with women in vulnerable communities around the world to lay strong foundations and help tackle some of the most basic health needs.



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I found the evening so positive and there was such a buzz in the room; it was also extremely interesting and encouraging. I came away with such a bounce in my step.


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