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Young Tiffany Circle

Tiffany Circle members are passionate about inspiring young women at the early stages of their careers to get involved in philanthropy. As a result, in July 2014 they launched the Young Tiffany Circle.

Members of this group include professional women from a variety of fields including law, media and marketing. As well as contributing personally, Young Tiffany Circle members work together to plan and deliver their own fundraising events.

“As a Lifetime member of the Tiffany Circle, I am really proud that so many amazing young women have joined and that they are not only very impressive women in their own right, they are also inspiring others to follow their lead to support the humanitarian work of the Red Cross.” – Quenelda Avery, Lifetime Tiffany Circle member

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More information

For more information, please call Abbie Murphy on 020 7877 7604 or email



To me, being part of the Young Tiffany Circle is about recognising the power and freedom that young women in Britain have today to help people in crisis.