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Help the Red Cross respond to disasters. Your donation will be used in the UK or overseas.

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Nobody can predict the exact location of the next flood, cyclone, earthquake or violent conflict. But when they happen, the Red Cross must be ready to act as soon as we're needed.

Thanks to the Disaster Fund, we can make sure we're ready to give people the help they need in an emergency – whether it's food, shelter, healthcare, or another form of support


How we have used the funds recently


Area Date Amount Disaster
Ukraine February 2015 £100,000 Conflict (more info)
Smiling Red Cross volunteer with emergency supplies
Disaster: Violence in Ukraine has affected more than 5 million people and around 1.5 million have been forced to leave their homes. There is a shortage of food and medical care and people are living through winter without enough food or proper shelter.

For:Improving the living conditions of people severely affected by the conflict.

Our news story: New help for Ukraine as violence worsens
South Sudan February 2015 £775,000 Conflict (more info)
Residents ride a boat to cross a river following the earthquake
Disaster: Ongoing violence in South Sudan has forced almost two million people from their homes, according to UN estimates. IPC figures estimate 2.5 million people are facing food shortages as the humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate.

For: Providing aid to people who have been left in an extremely vulnerable position by the conflict and humanitarian situation.

Our news story: South Sudan crisis – staring into the abyss
Nigeria January 2015 £325,000 Population displacement(more info)
Young girl in Ogoja
Disaster:Multiple security incidents in Nigeria have forced more than 600,000 people to flee their homes. The majority of people affected are women, children and the elderly, who have been left in a vulnerable position.

For: To help aid workers respond to the changing needs of people affected by the conflict.

Iraq June 2014 £165,538 Conflict (more info)
Residents ride a boat to cross a river following the earthquake
Disaster: Ongoing violence in Iraq has killed thousands of people. More than 800,000 have been forced from their homes, leaving many in need of food, water, shelter and health care.

For: Supporting affected families by providing emergency household supplies, such as kitchen sets, tarpaulins and hygiene kits.

Our news story: Red Cross brings food, water and healthcare to thousands in Iraq
West Africa April 2014 £105,146 Ebola outbreak(more info)
Village of Sunapur after cyclone Phailin
Disaster: A deadly and infectious Ebola outbreak, which began in Guinea in March, has claimed more than 460 lives across Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, as of 30 June.

For: Deployment of three health delegates to support those affected by the confirmed outbreak in Sierra Leone.

Our news story: Red Cross sends health worker to Sierra Leone to fight Ebola outbreak
Uganda March 2014 £40,000 Population displacement (more info)
Uganda Red Cross staff
Disaster: The conflict in South Sudan has caused the displacement of nearly one million people and Uganda has seen by far the biggest influx of refugees. More than 97,000 have fled to the county and many are in urgent need of food, water and health care.

For: Deployment of a logistics delegate to assist the Uganda Red Cross in its support of South Sudanese refugees.

Our news story: South Sudan to Uganda: "I just wish to go back home"
United Kingdom February 2014 £50,000 Flooding (more info)
Flooded house in Taunton
Disaster: Severe weather has caused ongoing flooding across the UK.

For: Supporting those affected at rest centres, and providing emergency supplies such as food, hot drinks and blankets. Volunteers are helping people to evacuate their homes, delivering fuel and calling on vulnerable people to make sure they are safe and well.

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Without the generosity of people like you, we wouldn't have been able to be there and make a difference to thousands of people when they most needed help. By supporting our Disaster Fund, your money will be used as soon as it is needed, anywhere in the world.

Help us save lives the next time disaster strikes. Please donate today.

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Latest Disaster Fund news

Nearly one million people have been made homeless by fighting in South Sudan.

The British Red Cross has released £50,000 from its Disaster Fund to provide emergency cash grants.

People are in need of shelter, healthcare and food following violent clashes in the Central African Republic.


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