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South Sudan Crisis Appeal

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Conflict in South Sudan has displaced more than two million people and millions are in urgent need of life-saving supplies.

Communities have been destroyed and families torn apart by violence. And with the rainy season having started, the situation has begun deteriorating further.

Red Cross volunteers are working hard to bring life-saving aid such as food, shelter and medical assistance to people living in desperate conditions. Please give an urgent donation today.

How your donation could help

  • Donate £30

    £30 could pay for 7 people to be kept warm and dry with a blanket.

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  • Donate £55

    £55 could buy three kitchen sets, each allowing a family of five to cook for themselves.

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  • Donate £87

    £87 could buy 30 mosquito nets, keeping families safe from life threatening diseases.

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Latest news from South Sudan

A hospital came under attack in South Sudan leading to more than a dozen deaths.

Hundreds of thousands of people in South Sudan face starvation unless urgent action is taken.


Please note

The South Sudan Crisis Appeal will cover countries currently affected and those potentially affected in the future. In the unlikely event that we raise more money than can be reasonably and efficiently spent, any surplus funds will be used to help us prepare for and respond to other humanitarian disasters anywhere in the world.

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South Sudan Crisis Appeal
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