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We’re really excited about fairsharemusic, the new music download site. You can choose from over 8.5 million tracks including new releases costing from just 79p - just like every other music download website.

The big difference with fairsharemusic is this: for every track you download, fairsharemusic donates half the profits to the British Red Cross. It all adds up to great music for you, and a very good thing for charities like us.

It’s really easy to get set up, start downloading, and begin helping us. And that's not all, because your first visit to fairsharemusic is extra special for us, download an album and they'll donate an additional 10 per cent to the British Red Cross, spend over £10 and they'll give us 20 per cent more than usual and spend over £20 on your first visit and we'll get an amazing 50 per cent more on top of fairsharemusic's normal donation.


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Download Dance: Make Your Move soundtracks

Dance: Make Your Move is a British Red Cross dance competition that offers young people aged under 18 the chance to perform at the Indig02 in the 02 arena in London.  Schools, colleges and youth groups come together to perform dance routines that reflect an aspect of the Red Cross’ work. To download your Dance: Make Your Move music tracks, visit the British Red Cross page at  fairsharemusic.


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What is Dance: Make Your Move?

A girl taking part in the 2012 Dance: Make Your Move competition

All you need to know about Dance: Make Your Move and how you can get involved.

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The British Red Cross cares for people in crisis wherever they are

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