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Why we fundraise

Mark Quinn© InfoWe rely on fundraising to support our work in the UK and overseas.

Without the money raised by our fundraisers, we would not be able to carry out the large-scale work that saves and changes millions of lives each year. Regular support allows us to plan ahead and respond to emergencies as they occur. It also enables us to remain on the scene long after a disaster has struck, often after the cameras and news teams have disappeared, to help communities rebuild their lives. We touch the lives of millions of people across the globe, which would not be possible without a massive fundraising effort.

Our fundraisers are passionate about their work and our organisation. They are responsible for raising awareness of our vision, as well as the vital funds needed to make it happen. They do this face-to-face on the streets, on the doorstep, at private sites, and over the phone. We also send out direct mail and emails to people throughout the year, and ask people to donate online and via their mobile phone.

We use fundraising methods that give people the opportunity to engage in discussions with our representatives directly. All of our fundraisers receive bespoke training and we expect the highest possible standards from them at all times.

There are different methods of fundraising to suit each individual, so that members of the public can donate in a way that they feel comfortable with.

Do you monitor your fundraisers’ behaviour?

British Red Cross fundraiser talking to a woman on the street© InfoYes. We expect the highest standards from our fundraisers at all times. We hugely value all of our supporters, without whom we couldn’t deliver our life-saving work. We monitor our fundraising campaigns closely to ensure that our representatives adhere to the Code of Fundraising practice and associated rulebook for street and door fundraising set out by Fundraising Regulator and the Institute of Fundraising (IoF).

We are committed to ensuring that our fundraisers treat all of our supporters sensitively and respectfully. The Red Cross works to an approach designed to protect vulnerable people, in addition to other codes of practice. All of our fundraisers are expected to follow this policy and we monitor this through a variety of means, including: supporter feedback; listening to the calls we make to supporters; regular training delivered by our Training and Quality Control team; and our mystery shopping programme.

We really appreciate feedback from our supporters, and we take complaints very seriously. Our Supporter Care team will investigate any complaints that they receive, and will ensure that appropriate action is taken. We also love to hear any positive feedback about our fundraisers, and any comments received by our Supporter Care team will be passed on to the relevant parties.

Why do you send out gifts like pens and coasters?

We send out small, inexpensive, branded items to our supporters, as well as to members of the public, to spread awareness of our work and to show our thanks. These items give our donors and the general public information about our work, in addition to other useful information, such as how to download our first aid app. Just recently we heard a heart-warming story of how a supporter saved her husband’s life, having read a first aid tip in a British Red Cross notebook.

These items come at a very small cost to the organisation and we find that they also significantly increase the level of support we receive. If you would prefer not to receive these gifts, please contact our Supporter Care team on 0300 456 11 55.

Why do you call your supporters?

From time to time, our supporters, as well as people who have supported us in the past, may receive a phone call from the British Red Cross (if they have given permission for us to do so), or an organisation working on our behalf. We do this to thank our supporters, as well as to keep them updated about our work and the ways they can help further.

We also call new supporters to welcome them to the organisation and thank them for their support. These calls are carried out either by members of British Red Cross staff or by agencies employed to work on our behalf. We use these calls to verify details of the donation and check that our supporters are happy to give. We are keen to ensure that all of our supporters are willing to donate and that they are also clear about the nature of their donation.

Most importantly, calling our supporters gives us an opportunity to speak to them in person, to tell them how important their contribution is and how very thankful we are to have them on board.

What is your data protection policy?

At the British Red Cross, we carefully consider and regularly review the way in which we contact our supporters whilst fundraising. We ensure our use of supporter data conforms with the Fundraising Regulator’s Code of Fundraising Practice recommendations, the Data Protection Act and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) guidance and industry practice. The British Red Cross does not make fundraising calls to anyone that has not given permission for us to do to so.

The British Red Cross keeps supporters’ details safely and securely, and we will only share information with organisations that are working on our behalf. We do not sell or swap our supporters’ details with any other third parties. If you wish to change the way we contact you, please write to FREEPOST RED CROSS, email or visit

For safety and security reasons, fundraisers that ask for regular gifts cannot accept one-off cash, cheque or credit/debit card donations. Please be assured that giving by Direct Debit is very safe, as only licenced Direct Debit service users can claim payments, and anyone who signs up to a Direct Debit is protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee. All of our fundraisers are trained on data protection regulations.

Whom can I contact about your fundraising campaigns?

If you can’t find the answer to your question on our website, or if you have any comments about the conduct of someone representing the British Red Cross, please contact our Supporter Care team on 0300 456 11 55. Alternatively, you can email your enquiry to

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