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Payroll giving

A smiling girl carries a jug of clean water in Haiti

Donating through your payroll is a simple and easy way to make your donation go further. The donation is taken from your pay before tax is deducted, so it costs you less and is tax-free. HM Revenue & Customs then gives us the tax it would otherwise have kept.

Regular giving saves lives

Regular support is essential to the Red Cross and the people who rely on our help, both overseas and here in the UK. The Red Cross refuses to ignore people in crisis. We are often one of the first humanitarian organisations on the scene when conflict or natural disasters destroy families and communities.

Having a steady and reliable income is essential for rapid response, as it means that we can reach people with vital aid when they need it most. You can help us get emergency supplies to people as quickly as possible after a disaster strikes. Make a difference today by setting up a regular payroll donation.

£5 a month for a year could buy 36 family size mosquito nets for people in the Dadaab Refugee camp in Kenya.

£10 could vaccinate four children against a preventable disease such as measles or polio in Sierra Leone.

£20 could pay for a ‘parcel of hope’ that contains food, milk and other essentials to support people returning from hospital here in the UK.

How to give through your payroll

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