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Emergency support workers prepare in the snow

MMC and the British Red Cross are working together to have a greater impact in our communities, make a sustainable difference over time and make a longer-lasting difference to the lives of vulnerable people. 

Money raised through the partnership will help people to prepare, respond and recover from crisis, so it will be invested in first aid, emergency response and independent living projects. 

Prepare: first aid

The Red Cross has a vision of a world where everybody gets the help they need in a crisis. MMC colleagues have already been learning life-saving skills to build their resilience and make sure they can help in a crisis.

With MMC’s support, the Red Cross will be giving life-saving skills to people who are more likely to face a first aid emergency. These include carers and people living in rural, isolated areas, where support may be far away and hard to access in time.

Together we will ensure there are more people to step in and save lives, like Ryan did during a football game.

Respond: emergency response

Every day across the UK, Red Cross volunteers help people to deal with and recover from emergencies.

Whether it’s a flood in Cumbria, a road traffic accident in Glasgow or a gas explosion in London, the Red Cross is always there when we are needed most.

Working alongside the emergency services, the Red Cross sets up rest centres, provides emotional support following a trauma and ensures that the most vulnerable people have someone to turn to.

Recover: support at home

Returning home from hospital can be a daunting experience for many people, particularly older people and those who live alone. For anyone who has lost their confidence along with their physical and emotional strength, it is harder to recover and get back on their feet.

A home visit from a Red Cross volunteer is a lifeline, especially for people like Joyce who cannot cope at home alone. The volunteers provide companionship and help out with cooking, cleaning and collecting prescriptions. They can help people get out of the house and go to the shops, local groups or even the hairdressers.

Red Cross volunteers provide a vital combination of practical and emotional support to help people regain their confidence, dignity and independence.

MMC will be contributing to two support at home projects, helping over 3,000 vulnerable people.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in the partnership to date, your incredible work has made our work possible. We look forward to providing further updates on the impact that MMC employees are having on communities across the UK. 


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Emergency response stories

We helped the Dawes family after their house caught fire. Their neighbours were so impressed by our volunteers they even raised money to help fund our work.

When a water pipe burst, an elderly couple were beside themselves with worry – until our volunteers arrived.