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Adopt a collection can

© InfoIf you want to help the Red Cross but haven’t got much time to spare, adopting a collection can is for you.

A can is low-maintenance and could raise as much as £10 a month in a busy location. Most local shops, pubs and cafes will be happy to put your can on their counter.

Susan McCreadie, a volunteer from the mid-Scotland and Argyll area, made £75 from her can in just two months. She says: “Site staff get used to you and are interested to see what cans raise. They get to know you as fundraiser, and it can be rewarding to know you have helped raise funds for a worthwhile charity.”

Why adopt a can?

With just a little supervision from you, a can could help save lives both in the UK and abroad.

£10 could provide a home-based care kit – containing disposable gloves, aprons, plastic sheets, cotton wool and disinfectant – to help a volunteer in Lesotho prevent and treat infections.

If, like Susan, your can collects over £70, this money could train a UK volunteer in emergency response, including first aid, transport to hospital and after-care.

The adoption process

  1. Request to collect for us, specifying that you’d like to adopt a can.
  2. We’ll provide you with:
    • Volunteer identification
    • Collection cans and seals
    • Confirmation letter for the shop manager to sign
    • Thank you card for shop managers
    • Counting and banking resources if needed
  3. Once you receive your can, ask around your local shops, pubs and cafes to find it a home – the busier the better.
  4. Check on your can every month or two, to see if it needs swapping for an empty one. If cans are checked frequently, shop or pub staff are more likely to become involved and take pride in promoting the can.
  5. Arrange with your local fundraiser the easiest, most effective way to return donations.