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Community Initiative Works To Reduce Violence In Immigrant Heavy District

Stigma and migration

Topic: Refugees and migration
Ages: 10–13
Subject: English, PSHE, Geography
Reflect on assumptions about migration.

Children carry water bottles in Bomet Kenya

Action for clean water: primary

Topic: Disasters and emergencies
Ages: 9–11
Subject: Geography, PSHE
Understand the importance of clean water through case studies from Kenya.

Justin Anderson packs his three children and dog into his truck as he prepares to leave the Christina Lake Lodge campground in Conklin Alberta

Decide in a crisis

Topic: Disasters and emergencies
Age: 11–19
Subject: Citizenship, PSHE
Explore the options when making decisions under pressure.

Young people during an icebreaker

Emergency bingo

Topic: Disasters and Emergencies
Ages: 11–19
Subject: Citizenship
Use this fun icebreaker to raise awareness of emergencies.

A man inspects aid inside Red Crescent vehicles on their way to al Foua and Kefraya in Idlib province Syria January 11 2016

Humanitarian aid in action

Topic: Conflict, Humanitarianism and the Red Cross
Ages: 11–14
Subject: Citizenship
Explore the barriers, scale and complexity of the relief effort in Syria.

Paper doll chain

Introduction to humanity

Topic: Humanitarianism and the Red Cross
Ages: 6–11
Subject: PSHE
Explore the word “humanity” and the idea of helping others.

Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret giving a radio broadcast

Refugees: primary activities

Topic: Refugees and migration
Ages: 5–11
Subject: English
Explore what children know and think about refugees.

A girl crosses the road whilst listening to headphones

Walking to school

Topic: Disasters and emergencies
Ages: 10–11
Subject: PSHE
Stay safe when walking to and from school.

WWI British Red Cross

WWI: Operation Ouch

Topic: Conflict
Ages: 9–11
Subject: History, PSHE, English
Lessons based around the CBBC Operation Ouch! WWI film.

A helicopter

Alfa bravo charlie

Topic: Disasters and Emergencies
Ages: 7–19
Subject: PSHE
Learn the Alfa Bravo Charlie phonetic alphabet

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