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The cellist Vedran Smajlović playing in the partially destroyed National Library in Sarajevo in 1992 during the Balkans war

Music quiz 2017

13 Jul 2017

Topic: Disasters and emergencies, Refugees and Migration, Conflict
Age: 11–19
Subject: PSHE, Citizenship
Learn how music helps people in difficult times.

Syrian refugee Ammar Hammasho kisses his childrens hands through the fence at the refugee camp in Cyprus

Photo quiz 2017

06 Dec 2017

Topic: Refugees and Migration, Disasters, Conflict
Age: 11–19
Subject: PSHE, Citizenship, Tutor time
Reflect on the past year with this thoughtful and engaging photo quiz.

A pilot flying a plane

A safe year in aviation

24 Jan 2018

Topic: Disasters and emergencies
Age: 11–16
Subject: PSHE
A fun activity to discuss and practise safe and clear communication.

An image of the alert sent in error

False alarm

24 Jan 2018

Topic: Disasters and emergencies
Age: 11–16
Subject: PSHE
Think about how people might react following urgent instructions to seek shelter.

Family members inspect their a home covered in mud following the mudslides in Montecito

Mudslide California

24 Jan 2018

Topic: Disasters and emergencies
Age: 11–16
Subject: PSHE
Discuss how best to support someone who has been through a traumatic experience.

Two girls embracing amid the rubble of a ruined building

Reunited after damage

24 Jan 2018

Topic:Conflict and consequences
Consider the feelings of two girls reunited after a devastating air strike in Syria.

A helicopter

Alfa bravo charlie

Topic: Disasters and Emergencies
Ages: 7–19
Subject: PSHE
Learn the Alfa Bravo Charlie phonetic alphabet

Welcome image comic book

Refugees: Identity

Topic: Refugees and migration
Ages: 11–19
Subject: Citizenship, PSHE, Geography
Explore identity, alienation and the value of friendship.

Screen grabs of the resource shown on a tablet, laptop and smartphone

First aid learning for young people

Topic: First aid and the bystander effect
Ages: 11–19
Subject: PSHE
Explore 16 first aid skills with this interactive teaching resource.

Arbeit Macht Frei gate

Holocaust Memorial Day

Topic: Conflict and its consequences
Age: 11–16
Subject: Citizenship, History
Discuss memorials and how we can remember the atrocities of the past.

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