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A man being bandaged

Volunteer raced to help Tunisia attack victims

01 Jul 2015

"We didn't know how many people injured, how many had died."

Djibouti: improving water and sanitation

Djibouti suffers very high levels of poverty – but the Red Cross is helping some of its poorest people look forward to a better future.

Boy fills bucket from water point

Kenya: preparing for disasters

Read about how we are helping communities to prepare for drought and other natural disasters.

Red Cross volunteers clearing landslide debris

Uganda: preparing for disasters

We help people survive and prepare for natural disasters such as flooding, landslides and disease outbreaks.

Woman cooking over a fire in her home in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe: food security and livelihoods

We are combating hunger by helping families generate their own food and income with agricultural training.

Black and white photo of man standing in front of Princess Christian hospital train

Boer wars

On 11 October 1899, the bloody second Boer war began. Find out how the Red Cross helped the wounded by providing hospital trains, ships and relief supplies.

Mr Lartey during his visit to Britain, 1950

Building early race relations

In the days before cheap international travel, our Branches in Overseas Territories helped people in the United Kingdom meet people from different cultures.

A father searches for his lost child using the Red Cross international tracing and message services in Rwanda.

History of our refugee services

For over a century, the British Red Cross has been helping protect and support people who have been forced to leave their country fearing persecution.

A large group of Vietnamese boat people crowded onto a wooden boat in Hong Kong

Refugee support

For over a century, the British Red Cross has been helping people forced to leave their country fearing persecution.

A trekker walks infront of Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro trek

Join Team Red Cross in this exclusive trek up beautiful Mount Kilimanjaro.

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