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Malian refugees in Burkina Faso

Red Cross restores contact between families affected by fighting in Mali

30 Jan 2013

As fighting escalates in Mali, the Red Cross is making efforts to restore contact between families that have been displaced by the conflict.

A Red Cross volunteer teaching chicken farming

How we are making a difference

We are improving the lives of over half a million people living with HIV or AIDS. Find out how and what are plans are for the future.

A group of Red Cross peer eductaors

How your company can get involved

The KZN project offers a great community investment opportunity for companies who want to make a real difference to people's lives.

South Sudan volunteers

South Sudan Red Cross responds to returnee crisis

06 Jul 2012

As South Sudan celebrates one year of independence, the new South Sudan Red Cross is busy supporting thousands of people returning from Sudan.

Sierra Leone Red Cross radio show

Sierra Leone Red Cross starts radio revolution

06 Dec 2012

The Red Cross has launched a new weapon in the fight against cholera in Sierra Leone – a straight-talking weekly radio show.

Mobile cinema in Sierra Leone

Red Cross prepares for Sierra Leone elections

15 Nov 2012

The Red Cross has launched an emergency hotline in Sierra Leone ahead of elections on 17 November and is ready to respond should the need arise.

Mother holding her child in the middle of a crop of cassava

Ugandan communities plant trees to avert disaster

19 Nov 2012

A new Red Cross programme is helping reduce the impact of disasters in Uganda where environmental degradation is causing more frequent landslides.

Jebbeh sits outside her home

Jebbeh’s story: a voice of unity after war

After surviving civil war in Sierra Leone, this is Jebbeh’s story about re-building a community in the aftermath of conflict.

Children in assembly raising their hands

War affected youth in Sierra Leone

We’re helping children who grew up in the decade-long Sierra Leone civil war, through counselling, education and vocational training.

Female silhouette against sky

Almaz's story: reunited with her daughters

When Almaz fled Ethiopia in fear of her life, leaving behind her husband and four daughters, she didn’t know if she’d ever see them again.

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