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Mother and child at a Red Cross community-based nutrition project

British Red Cross releases funds to support west Africa

21 Mar 2012

The British Red Cross has released £125,000 from its Disaster Fund in an attempt to head off a looming disaster in the Sahel region of west Africa.

A Tunisian child is carried by his father, crossing into Tunisia

How we helped in Libya and the region

As civil unrest continues in the Arab world, thousands of people have been killed or injured. Find out how we’re helping people in a desperate situation.

Aden with fruit, Kenya

East Africa six months on: how we are helping

12 Jan 2012

Six months on from the launch of our East Africa Food Crisis Appeal, the generosity of our donors has helped the Red Cross provide relief to hundreds of thousands of malnourished people.

Animals drink in Kenya

Rains bring hope in east Africa, but Red Cross support remains vital

22 Nov 2011

Efforts to improve access to food and reduce deaths in the Horn of Africa are beginning to pay off, but around 250,000 people continue to face imminent starvation.

Seeds distributed by the ICRC in Somalia

Red Cross begins food distribution to one million Somalis

06 Oct 2011

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Somali Red Crescent have started their largest food distribution programme.

Young children eating in a South Africa Red Cross school

Annie Lennox lends her voice to World AIDS Day

29 Nov 2010

Annie Lennox has joined forces with the British Red Cross for World AIDS Day to highlight the lives of people affected by HIV in South Africa.

Steven Fry speaks at a Red Cross event

Red Cross event to honour Stephen Fry and aid Somalia

28 Sep 2011

British Red Cross will pay tribute to Stephen Fry at a special gala dinner, raising funds for the work of the Red Cross in Somalia.

South African boy eating jelly

Red Cross report: 15 per cent of the world in hunger

22 Sep 2011

Almost one billion people are going hungry, even though the world produces enough to feed everyone, says a report released by the Red Cross today.

A Red Cross delegate helps a woman call her family

Red Cross launches appeal as conflict in Ivory Coast worsens

05 Apr 2011

We’re helping thousands of people fleeing conflict in the Ivory Coast, which is affecting nearby countries.

ICRC nurse examining the injuries of a patient shot in both legs.

Red Cross steps up medical aid in Libya

30 Aug 2011

The International Committee of the Red Cross is helping wounded people in Tripoli, redoubling efforts to visit detainees and taking steps to ease water shortages.

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