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A Red Cross delegate helps a woman call her family

Red Cross launches appeal as conflict in Ivory Coast worsens

05 Apr 2011

We’re helping thousands of people fleeing conflict in the Ivory Coast, which is affecting nearby countries.

ICRC nurse examining the injuries of a patient shot in both legs.

Red Cross steps up medical aid in Libya

30 Aug 2011

The International Committee of the Red Cross is helping wounded people in Tripoli, redoubling efforts to visit detainees and taking steps to ease water shortages.

Picherinne and her twin babies sitting in a tent

Picherinne’s story: I struggle to feed my babies

As Picherinne fled fighting that had engulfed her village in the Ivory Coast, she escaped with her twin babies but her husband was killed.

Somali Red Crescent volunteers distribute food

Red Cross distributes food aid in famine-hit Somalia

02 Aug 2011

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement has been able to distribute life-saving food aid in areas of Somalia suffering from famine.

A displaced pastoralist boy sits with his grandmother

Somalia: Red Cross providing emergency relief for over a million people

04 Aug 2011

As the UN declares that famine has spread in Somalia, the Red Cross is scaling up its emergency relief operation and appealing for more funds.

Girls in Kenya

Red Cross feeding programme keeps Kenyan kids in school

26 Aug 2011

The Kenya Red Cross is helping schools feed their pupils, which has the added benefit of keeping kids in school.

Members of the international media arrive at a hotel after being evacuated by the International Committee Red Cross

Libya: ICRC evacuates journalists from Rixos Hotel

25 Aug 2011

The International Committee of the Red Cross helped journalists who were trapped in the Rixos Hotel leave yesterday and led them to safety.

Red Cross doctor operating in Libya

Libya: healthcare workers in danger

22 Aug 2011

The Red Cross has expressed deep concern about allegations of combatants misusing healthcare facilities in Libya.

Girl in Red Cross camp

How we helped in Darfur

When internal conflict escalated in Darfur, the British Red Cross helped support a nutritional programme in the region.

Staff & volunteers at Tunisia-Libya transit camp

Red Cross needs funds to help injured in Syria

09 Aug 2011

As violence in Syria escalates, the Red Cross is appealing for funds to provide vital ongoing medical support for the affected population.

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