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Woman wearing headscarf in conversation

Mapotso's story: fighting fear in Lesotho

Mapotso volunteers within her own community to help support people affected by HIV and fight fear and stigma.

Mother holding her baby

Matumelo's story: support through pregnancy

For many women in Lesotho the joy of finding out they are pregnant is tempered by the fear that they will pass on HIV to their baby.

Headshot of man in front of a window

Meshack's story: breaking down barriers around HIV

Meshack’s job is to educate men in his Lesotho community, many of whom can struggle to take on board sexual health messages, about HIV.

A group of children wash their hands

Red Cross helps Namibians after drought

11 Oct 2013

The British Red Cross is responding to an emergency appeal in Namibia following the worst drought in 30 years, which is affecting hundreds of thousands of people.

Men in Red Cross vests stood in a road with fire engines in the background

British Red Cross volunteers deployed to support victims of Westgate shopping centre attack

23 Sep 2013

Two British Red Cross volunteers have been sent to Kenya to provide support to Britons affected by the Westgate shopping centre attack.

Dadaab medical checkpoint

Dadaab: how we're helping in the world's largest refugee camp

In 2011, the Kenya Red Cross began providing services at the Ifo II camp in Dadaab. Take a look at the camp, and read how we're helping.

Aden with fruit, Kenya

How we helped

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement supported people in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia.

Boy extracts water from water point

Red Cross prepares for drought in north Kenya

24 Jul 2013

The Red Cross is helping communities to prepare for drought and other natural disasters in northern Kenya.

Alwilayat Mohamed and her family

Alwilayat Mohamed's story: struggling to feed our children in the Sahel

Alwilayat has already lost two daughters under the age of five and is facing a daunting struggle to feed her two sons.

Malika whose mother is benefitting from a Red Cross gardening programme

Djenaba's story: vegetables provide food for thought

Thanks to a Red Cross gardening project, Djenaba is confident she’ll be able to send her two-year-old daughter Malika to school this autumn.

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