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Grandmother waiting at a food aid distribution

Habi's story

With the current food crisis in the Sahel, Habi’s family is facing a daunting task to protect the health of their precious young.

Habsatou Abdulaye is president of the Sandari vegetable garden group

Habsatou's story: seeds of a better future in the Sahel

Habsatou is president of the Sandari vegetable garden group. Thanks to the Red Cross, she and her friends are now able to grow aubergines, cabbages, onions, lettuces and okra.

Six-month-old Issa being assessed as malnourished

Hadjatou's story

Hadjatou cradles her six-month-old son after learning from a Red Cross nurse that her baby is acutely malnourished.

Kadiatou Konnare with one of her children

Kadiatou's story: feeding my children scraps of food

Kadiatou Konnare is facing a more daunting struggle to feed her seven children than most people will ever know.

N’faly Traore

N'faly's story: soon people will have nothing to eat

"In 12 years volunteering for the Red Cross I have never seen a catastrophe like the current food crisis here in the Sahel region of Mali."

Vegetables Oroukia grows through the Red Cross project are helping keep her family from the brink of starvation

Oroukia's story: oasis of hope in the Sahel

Oroukia Boulo and her husband have seven children. Instead of being able to fill their three granaries after harvesting their cereal crops this year, they couldn’t even fill one.

Ouilimatou in his grandmother's lap

Ouilimatou's story: young and hungry

As Ouilimatou lies, listless, in his grandmother’s lap he does not look like a child who is nearly two years old.

Sorhow and some of her children

Sorhow's story: hunger is hard to deal with

Usually Sorhow's family grows enough millet and sorghum to feed themselves, but inadequate rainfall caused their last harvest to fail.

A woman washes her hands

Hygiene team helps thousands after floods

11 Jul 2013

A British Red Cross team has helped thousands of people in the wake of devastating floods in Mozambique.

Man stands amid crops

Ali and Ismails story This is the worst drought I have seen

As severe drought causes misery for millions, Ali and Ismail are examples of how longer-term investment can help people survive hard times.

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