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Ouilimatou in his grandmother's lap

Ouilimatou's story: young and hungry

As Ouilimatou lies, listless, in his grandmother’s lap he does not look like a child who is nearly two years old.

Sorhow and some of her children

Sorhow's story: hunger is hard to deal with

Usually Sorhow's family grows enough millet and sorghum to feed themselves, but inadequate rainfall caused their last harvest to fail.

A woman washes her hands

Hygiene team helps thousands after floods

11 Jul 2013

A British Red Cross team has helped thousands of people in the wake of devastating floods in Mozambique.

Man stands amid crops

Ali and Ismails story This is the worst drought I have seen

As severe drought causes misery for millions, Ali and Ismail are examples of how longer-term investment can help people survive hard times.

Animals at the Garissa animal market in Kenya

Aminas story

With her animals dying and her family struggling to get enough to eat, Amina worries about her children's future.

Anisa Ibrahim, middle, in Dadaab camp in Kenya

Anisas story

After she went missing, the Kenya Red Cross tracked down mother-of-seven Anisa Ibrahim and helped her get vital treatment for herself and her family.

Dr Farah Amin in Kenya

Dr Amins story

In North Turkana, Kenya, where there’s one doctor for every 155,600 people, Dr Amin is literally a life saver.

Nutritionist Irene Njoki Njiru in Kenya

Irenes story

Nutritionist Irene Njoki Njiru travels across Turkana in northern Kenya to make sure malnourished children and vulnerable women have enough to eat.

James Losiru and Angidi Amalinga

James story

August may traditionally be a school holiday in Kenya, but ten-year-old James and his friends go to school to eat lunch every day.

Kanyang stands in front of nutritional stabilisation centre in Kenya

Kanyangs story

Kanyang's grandmother brought him to the Kenya Red Cross' centre for severely malnourished children, and he's now recovering.

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