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Two women sitting on sofa hug

Mertie's story: staying positive

Mertie, 44, is a volunteer in South Africa, supporting people with HIV – she knows what they’re going through, as she’s HIV positive herself.

Red Cross volunteer Nancy standing under banner

Nancy's story: compassion in the community

Nancy is a hugely compassionate Red Cross volunteer who has made a massive difference to people living with HIV in her community.

Young man smiling and standing outside community hall

Sibonelo's story: a star in the making

Sibonelo, 20, puts his passion for entertaining to good use by using drama and music to teach young people in South Africa about HIV.

Skhumbuzo Ndlovu, a home-based care volunteer with the South African Red Cross

Skhumbuzo's story: "They helped me, now I'm helping others"

When South African Skhumbozo was diagnosed HIV positive, people didn’t want to know him. But we helped him start living his life again.

Woman giving condom demonstration

Mabonang's story: “I can’t stop smiling”

For anybody coming to terms with the fact they are living with HIV, having someone like Mabonang to talk to can make all the difference.

Majoele wearing orange hat and smiling

Majoele’s story: green shoots

For Majoele, who is living with HIV, learning about keyhole gardens is helping her keep healthy and smiling.

Woman wearing headscarf in conversation

Mapotso's story: fighting fear in Lesotho

Mapotso volunteers within her own community to help support people affected by HIV and fight fear and stigma.

Mother holding her baby

Matumelo's story: support through pregnancy

For many women in Lesotho the joy of finding out they are pregnant is tempered by the fear that they will pass on HIV to their baby.

Headshot of man in front of a window

Meshack's story: breaking down barriers around HIV

Meshack’s job is to educate men in his Lesotho community, many of whom can struggle to take on board sexual health messages, about HIV.

A group of children wash their hands

Red Cross helps Namibians after drought

11 Oct 2013

The British Red Cross is responding to an emergency appeal in Namibia following the worst drought in 30 years, which is affecting hundreds of thousands of people.

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