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Flood waters surround the city of Mutarara in Mozambique

Southern Africa floods 2008

The Red Cross helped people when floods hit southern Africa, including Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland.

Phiaodonia Chivandire with a boy in front of a house

Southern Africa food crisis 2005/6

We raised money to help 1.5 million people by providing food, strengthening livelihoods and improving water and sanitation.

Goat herder in Tahoua

West Africa Food Crisis 2005

A major food shortage affected almost eight million people in west Africa. We helped with the logistics of delivering food aid.

Boy carrying sack of supplies on his head

Zimbabwe and Region Appeal 2008

The Red Cross was on the ground in Zimbabwe from the beginning of the cholera epidemic, delivering water and focusing largely on public education.

South Sudan Red Cross volunteers at work in Kapuri transit camp

Better access to water at South Sudan refugee camp

07 Jan 2013

An emergency programme to improve living conditions at a refugee camp in South Sudan has increased residents’ access to safe drinking water.

British Red Cross team supports Britons caught up in Algeria hostage crisis

18 Jan 2013

A British Red Cross psychosocial support team has travelled to North Africa to help Britons involved in the Algerian hostage crisis.

Malian refugees in Burkina Faso

Red Cross restores contact between families affected by fighting in Mali

30 Jan 2013

As fighting escalates in Mali, the Red Cross is making efforts to restore contact between families that have been displaced by the conflict.

South Sudan volunteers

South Sudan Red Cross responds to returnee crisis

06 Jul 2012

As South Sudan celebrates one year of independence, the new South Sudan Red Cross is busy supporting thousands of people returning from Sudan.

Sierra Leone Red Cross radio show

Sierra Leone Red Cross starts radio revolution

06 Dec 2012

The Red Cross has launched a new weapon in the fight against cholera in Sierra Leone – a straight-talking weekly radio show.

Mobile cinema in Sierra Leone

Red Cross prepares for Sierra Leone elections

15 Nov 2012

The Red Cross has launched an emergency hotline in Sierra Leone ahead of elections on 17 November and is ready to respond should the need arise.

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