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Safiutou Diallo recieves food from the Malian Red Cross in Fegui village

Text messages send hope and save lives in Sierra Leone

21 Mar 2013

As the humanitarian situation in Mali reaches crisis point, the British Red Cross has given £200,000 from its Disaster Fund to help provide vital aid.

A Red Cross delegate helps a woman call her family

How we responded to the Ivory Coast crisis

Following conflict in the Ivory Coast, we helped people recover.

Agnes from Matshuzula village in Zimbabwe

Red Cross supports hunger-hit Zimbabwe

26 Feb 2013

The British Red Cross has given more than £80,000 from its Disaster Fund to support the Zimbabwe Red Cross.

A Burundian woman and child

Cholera threatens displaced Burundian refugees

20 Feb 2013

Burundian refugees are facing serious health risks as they return home, having had their refugee status revoked by the Tanzanian Government.

Farmers in Somalia with goats

Somali photo exhibition celebrates 150 years of humanitarian action

15 Feb 2013

A new photography exhibition kicks off celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Boy with bicycle in flooded Mozambique

Team rush to help victims of Mozambique floods

08 Feb 2013

British Red Cross experts are heading to Mozambique to help victims of flooding that has forced hundreds of thousands of people from their homes.

Two men wade through flood water

Africa floods crisis 2007

More than one million people were affected by flooding in 17 countries - but in particular Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia, Ghana, Togo and Burkina Faso.

Aid boxes

Africa Food Crisis 2006

We launched an appeal in 2006 to help people across Africa survive when drought and inflated prices left them without enough food.

Old man looking up at camera

Ethiopia Food Crisis Appeal 2008

The Red Cross helped more than 76,000 people severely affected by drought in the southern Wolaiyta region. Read about the people we helped.

Kenyan child in temporary shelter

Kenya crisis 2008

Hundreds of people were killed and injured in violent clashes across Kenya following the general election results announced on 30 December 2007.

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