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James Losiru and Angidi Amalinga

James story

August may traditionally be a school holiday in Kenya, but ten-year-old James and his friends go to school to eat lunch every day.

Kanyang stands in front of nutritional stabilisation centre in Kenya

Kanyangs story

Kanyang's grandmother brought him to the Kenya Red Cross' centre for severely malnourished children, and he's now recovering.

Paul Waikwa

Pauls story

Kenya Red Cross water and sanitation officer Paul Waikwa is helping lead a project to pump water to seven drought-affected communities.

A young girl eats nutrient-rich porridge in Kenya

Tiya nurserys story

Food is a huge incentive for families to send their children to school, and thousands of Kenyan kids are now in school thanks to a Red Cross feeding programme.

People talk to a volunteer in Kenya

Zeinabs story

Zeinab, a mother in Kenya, has a small amount of grain, but no appetite to eat it. The Red Cross is helping her with healthcare.

Women gather water in drought-stricken Kenya

Fatimas story We are suffering deeply

Fatima is struggling to take care of her family due to the drought. The Red Cross is proposing long-term solutions for her community.

Aimee is reunited with her family

Aimee's story: escaping years of persecution

Aimee and her son narrowly escaped being shot in a Congo detention camp. Now in Glasgow, we helped her contact her family and start over.

Photo of a woman

Alia’s story: building a new life

After fleeing torture and persecution in Eritrea, refugee Alia is building a new life in the UK with our help.

Local Red Cross worker gathering information for the refugees on the banks of river Ubangi

Conflict affects entire population of the Central African Republic

30 May 2013

Tens of thousands of people are in need of shelter, healthcare and food following violent clashes between armed factions in the Central African Republic.

Someone sending a text message

Text messages send hope and save lives in Sierra Leone

15 Apr 2013

British Red Cross uses a new location-based text message system to save lives and prevent the spread of cholera in Sierra Leone.

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