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An image from the Netherlands Red Cross shows some of the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma.

Red Cross launches Hurricane Irma Appeal

07 Sep 2017

The British Red Cross has launched an appeal for those affected by Hurricane Irma, the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean.

First aid trainer teaches first aid to a group of participants

First aid in our Overseas Branches

Most of our branches run first aid courses for the public as well as training volunteers so they can help at events and during disasters.

A group of Red Cross volunteers in Anguila stand and kneel around a flood warning sign that they have just put up

Anguilla Red Cross

If you'd like know more about the work of our Anguilla branch or ways to get involved, we'd love to hear from you.

Boxes of relief goods stacked by plane

Choosing the right response

In times of disaster, Overseas Branches have to respond quickly and in co-ordination with local agencies. Their actions will depend on the size of the crisis.

Red Cross volunteers unload tarpaulins at Owen Roberts International Airport, Grand Cayman

Disaster management

Our Overseas Branches are strengthening their ability to respond to disasters, and making the communities they help more resilient.

A young woman and man show off their t-shirts that read 'HIV positive, until proven negative, get tested'

HIV education in the Caribbean

Aids is one of the leading causes of death for people aged 25-44 in the Caribbean. Read about how we help by delivering HIV education.

A building in the Cayman Islands that was destroyed by a hurricane

How we help when disaster strikes

We've helped communities prepare for, survive and recover from disasters like hurricanes, floods and even an active volcano. Learn about our work during past disasters.

Volunteer helping woman down stairs

Preparing for disasters

How is a new programme helping Overseas Territories become better prepared for disasters, and more able to deal with the effects of climate change?

Satellite view of Hurricane Earl

Volunteers respond quickly as hurricane season begins

02 Sep 2010

As hurricane season gets underway, volunteers in our overseas branches in the Caribbean are well prepared and responded quickly to Hurricane Earl.

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