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First aid life-saver Brigitte Bellwood

Brigitte’s story: “No-one else was going to help”

When a man suddenly collapsed and stopped breathing at a busy airport, Brigitte Bellwood didn’t hesitate to act.

Eve and her mobility aids wheelchair

Eve’s story: ‘A nice man came with a wheelchair’

When Eve O’Malley fractured her ankle while playing in the park, it looked like she’d be stuck at home for weeks – until we provided a special wheelchair.

Mark Summers transport beneficiary with Red Cross helpers

Mark’s story: ‘Volunteers literally gave me a lift’

When Mark Summers was diagnosed with cancer, he faced a 100-mile round journey to hospital every day.

Steffi Bontoft provides gentle hand, arm and shoulder massage

Steffi’s story: ‘My volunteering led to a job’

After caring for her ill grandfather, Steffi Bontoft felt inspired to volunteer for the Red Cross – which eventually led to her dream job.

Wheelchair wedding for Win Maclaren

Win’s story: ‘I got wheeled down the aisle!’

Win and her fiancé were looking forward to tying the knot when she broke her ankle – but thanks to us she still made it to her big day.

Renate Eglestaff with her volunteer Sue

‘I couldn’t have managed without the Red Cross’

Living with Parkinson’s disease can be difficult for Renate Eglestaff – so she was especially grateful when our volunteer called round to help.

Diana Spooner and her Red Cross wheelchair

Diana’s story: ‘My wheelchair has been a godsend’

Busy-bee Diana Spooner was facing ten weeks stuck in a chair following an operation, but our wheelchair soon had her racing around again.

Fabrice the male volunteer with hi-vis jacket

Why I help people after a fire

Volunteer Fabrice Birembaut explains why he spends some nights helping people caught up in domestic fires and other emergencies.

Voucher to help destitute asylum seekers

Audrey and Azure cards: “Less than human”

Audrey, an asylum seeker, has lived on the Azure card for a few years now – and says she faces problems every day. Here’s her story…

First aid for young drivers in action

Young drivers get crash course in first aid

Inexperienced young drivers are much more likely to be involved in a road accident – so we’ve launched a new project to teach them life-saving skills.

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