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Hundreds of families stuck in the mud

In northern Lebanon, a cluster of home-made tents in a muddy field is home for about 100 Syrian refugee families.

Andy stands in front of bushes

Andy’s story: reconnecting with his birth family

Andy's father sent him to the UK from Germany when he was a boy, and the two lost touch soon after. We've helped him find his father's widow.

A woman stands outside a wooden building

Call the midwife: Mar Lar Win rushes to the rescue

when a birth went wrong in her village, volunteer midwife Mar Lar Win stepped up to save a mother’s life.

'After 40 years, I can finally smile again'

Nobody likes visiting the dentist, but poor Ann’s dental phobia meant she hadn’t had a check-up for 40 years – and she was in painful misery.

Ruth says thanks with a marathon challenge

Ruth Chambers was so moved by our support for both her parents that she donned a pair of lycra shorts to run her first (and last) fundraising marathon.

Three children are crouched on the ground under a blue and yellow umbrella

Friends through disaster

Julie-Ann Benedict, Julius Steven and Valerie Jean have grown up together. They braved Typhoon Haiyan together, now they’re learning to survive together.

A house on stilts

Therese's story

Therese's home was destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan. But the Red Cross has helped her family find safety again.

Jeremy Norton and volunteer Sam Harris

We help man who ‘fell right on his nose’

After pensioner Jeremy Norton suffered a crunching fall and ended up in hospital, we made sure he got home safe and sound again.

Months of care help Rawan play again

When a shell hit Rawan's home in Gaza, her parents thought they might never hear the little girl's laugh again.

The Red Cross helps the Topas family rebuild their home

Annie's story

The Red Cross help the Topas family rebuild their home after Typhoon Haiyan.

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