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Life-changing help for mum and daughter-in-law

In Turkmenistan, help in the battle against TB can be life-changing – for carers as well as those with the illness.

Wheelchair wedding for Win Maclaren

Win’s story: ‘I got wheeled down the aisle!’

Win and her fiancé were looking forward to tying the knot when she broke her ankle – but thanks to us she still made it to her big day.

‘Saving Megan is the best thing I’ve ever done.’

Pensioner Alex McTaggart saved Megan Higgins' life when she was just a baby – and was moved to tears when they were recently reunited.

First-aider Becky with her grandmother

Becky’s story: how I saved my choking granny

When Becky Fry’s 93-year-old grandmother started to choke and turn blue, her horrified family were stuck to the spot – but first aider Becky knew exactly what to do.

First aid life-saver Brigitte Bellwood

Brigitte’s story: “No-one else was going to help”

When a man suddenly collapsed and stopped breathing at a busy airport, Brigitte Bellwood didn’t hesitate to act.

Ian Kennedy and 17-year-old first aid volunteer Dionne Burns

Dionne's story: the day I saved a man who had 'died'

Following a cross-country race, Iain Kennedy collapsed and – technically – died. But first aider Dionne Burns was there to help.

The young heroes with pensioner Norman

Injured pensioner saved by students

Just weeks after learning first aid with the British Red Cross, three students helped a pensioner who collapsed while walking his dog.

Kayleigh used her first aid skills to help someone having a seizure

Nobody else moved when the woman collapsed

When a woman suffered an epileptic seizure on a packed train, Kayleigh showed that being a wheelchair-user is no barrier to providing first aid.

Apryl Hammett and her two children

Scout leader's a first aid hero

Just months after taking a first aid course, Apryl Hammett came across a road traffic accident – and jumped straight in to help.

The magnificent six first-aiders

When a pensioner had a nasty fall outside a shopping mall and knocked himself unconscious, a nearby group of schoolkids didn’t hesitate to help.

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