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A man who volunteers for the Red Cross stands by a Red Cross vehicle in his workwear.

Why I'm so happy to be volunteering this Christmas

Last year Phillip Potter, a carer for his disabled wife, faced a difficult winter. But things are looking up.

Ray Riva Six Nations life-saver and colleagues

Ray’s story: ‘We saved a life at crowded rugby stadium’

11 Apr 2013

Event first aid volunteer Ray Riva had to contend with a dramatic emergency while on duty at a packed rugby game.

South Africa Boniswe and daughter in their home

Boniswe's story: life with a smile

She may be living with HIV, but Boniswe Petronella Maphanga, 30, has a radiant smile, a gentle sing-song voice and a joyful attitude to life.

South Africa Florence smiles as she lies in bed

Florence's story: "I’m frightened of passing away and there being no one to look after the children"

After losing all her children, Florence, 75, now cares for all six grandchildren and the Red Cross provides them with vital support.

Londaka outside the Red Cross kids club

Londaka's story: memories of my mother

Londaka is one of 1.4 million children orphaned by HIV-related illness in South Africa. Pink is her favourite colour, as was her mother’s.

A man in a field

Can you restart a life with 150 pounds?

Rice farmer Ricky cares for his mother. A simple cash grant got them on the path to recovery after Typhoon Haiyan.

A woman standing outside a house with bamboo walls

Homeless and broke at 62

A falling mango tree threatened to change Nenita Bugay's life for ever.

A woman sat outside a shop

Savings and smiles - Erlinda is back in business

Everyone in Erlinda's neighbourhood knows her shop. But what happened when a typhoon tore it apart?

Arthur Bland and Ray Cumbley attend a memorial trip to battlefields of Europe with support of Red Cross wheelchairs

How we helped Second World War veterans attend memorial event

We helped Welsh Guard veterans, Ray and Arthur, visit the battlefields of Europe to pay respects to their fallen comrades.

A man carrying a woman in his arms

You won't believe this pregnant woman's journey

Iraq was the only place Hadil knew - and then violence forced her to flee.

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