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Jane Horton with her friendly FES volunteers

Jane’s story: ‘My cottage went up in flames’

When a blazing stove set fire to Jane Horton’s cottage, our fire and emergency support volunteers were quickly on hand to help.

Juliana’s story: 'My very first call out'

When lightning caused huge damage to a young family's home, volunteer Juliana Ali raced straight there to help – on her very first call-out.

The Lush family with FES volunteers

Justin and Claire’s story: 'Help after our traumatic fire'

When the Lush family saw their home go up in flames, our volunteers were quickly on hand to help get them through a traumatic night.

Boy choking

Keith's story: I saved choking woman

27 Jul 2011

When a woman started choking in a crowded restaurant, first aid-trained Keith McLavy dove straight in to help and saved her life.

Woman receiving comforting massage from Red Cross volunteer

Maureen's story: “I was so overwhelmed I thought I'd cry!”

Maureen was growing increasingly distressed and wondering how she would cope, until the Red Cross turned up with lots of supplies - and a massage!

Mbiriyashe's story: I got my family back

When Mbiriyashe left his native Zimbabwe to visit his sick sister in Birmingham nine years ago, things quickly went wrong.

Mohamed Arbab and family

Mohamed’s story: ‘I missed my family so much’

After his father was killed, Mohamed Arbab was forced to flee Sudan and leave his young family behind – but now we have reunited them.

Pat and Ray Morgan with FESS volunteers Dai White and Joanne Rendle

Ray and Pat's story: 'It was a terrible day'

When a water pipe burst in the early hours, an elderly couple were beside themselves with worry – until Red Cross volunteers turned up to help.

Black and white photo of a young boy

Terry’s story: finding his birth family

Terry Timms grew up believing his birth father was his mother’s husband, Ronald, but as an adult he discovered the truth.

Therese is reunited with her family in London

Therese's story: reunited with her family at last

Therese was forced to flee the Ivory Coast and leave her children behind – until the Red Cross helped bring about a very special family reunion.

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