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Mick MacDonald is Lady Gaga

Is that Lady Gaga fundraising for us?

You’d need a p-p-poker face not to start giggling at the sight of fundraiser Mick MacDonald – but his freaky get-up raised £1,000.

Marjorie Bird with her singing volunteer

Marjorie’s story: thanks to my singing volunteer

Our volunteers are always willing to go the extra mile to help people – even if that means belting out a song or two.

Girl walks through Haiti camp

Mark's story: hope amid disaster - video

Arriving in Haiti two months after the earthquake, Mark South was prepared for the worst. But amid the devastation, he found Haitians trying to rebuild their lives.

An unidentifiable man looking out of the window

Ahmad’s story: getting back on track

When Ahmad had to leave Iran, the Red Cross helped him reconnect with his family and get settled in the UK.

Andy stands in front of bushes

Andy’s story: reconnecting with his birth family

Andy's father sent him to the UK from Germany when he was a boy, and the two lost touch soon after. We've helped him find his father's widow.

Arthur and Esther the six-year-old fundraiser

Arthur and Esther’s story: 'We wanted to say thank you'

After our volunteers helped pensioner Arthur Phillips recover from a house fire, his six-year-old granddaughter raised money for us to say thank you.

Cecil's story: 'Cottage fire burned everything'

When Cecil Muggeridge’s farm cottage was razed to the ground, he didn’t know where to turn – but our volunteers were soon at the scene to help.

Fire and emergency support volunteer talking to a firefighter

Dave and Lee’s story: ‘She was caught in the explosion’

Our volunteers raced through deep snow to help the family of a woman badly burned in a domestic gas explosion.

FESS volunteers Pete Kingwell and Monty Wild

Isabel’s story: 'Wonderful volunteers were a great help'

When Isabel Jones saw her home go up in flames, our volunteers were soon there to offer support.

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