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Johnny in front of drainage ditch in Automeca camp

Johnny’s story: digging for better health in Haiti

Johnny dug drainage canals in Haiti’s Automeca camp where he helped people keep healthy and fight off cholera.

Josette selling fruit on the street in Haiti

Josette's story: a new market and a new future

A new market place, built by the Red Cross, is one of the best things Josette has seen since an earthquake devastated her neighbourhood.

Luciana with her son outside her new home in Haiti

Luciana’s story: giving birth in an earthquake

After giving birth during an earthquake in which she lost everything, Luciana struggled to survive but with Red Cross support she is now thriving.

Wheelchair wedding for Win Maclaren

Win’s story: ‘I got wheeled down the aisle!’

Win and her fiancé were looking forward to tying the knot when she broke her ankle – but thanks to us she still made it to her big day.

Support at home beneficiaries Maureen and Emlyn Hamer

Maureen and Emlyn’s story: Volunteer gave us our confidence back

For Maureen Hamer, the twin pressures of caring for her husband and battling cancer were pushing her to the edge – so we called round to offer support.

Alma with her Red Cross volunteer

Alma’s story: It was lovely to have a bit of company

Stricken with ill health and recently bereaved, Alma had hit a real low point – but our volunteer helped her see the brighter side again.

Farjana Jahan sits with her daughter Sanjida

Farjana's story

Read about how Farjana's terrible memories of past storms have compelled her to volunteer for us and help empower women to prepare for disasters.

Portrait of Sabikun 'Hashi' Nahar

Hashi and Koli's story

Read about what motivates sisters Hashi and Koli to prepare for disasters and volunteer with us to help spread the word to others.

Portrait of Nazma Akhter

Nazma's story

Nazma’s experiences as a volunteer helping women prepare for disasters have brought her respect as well as heartache in her community.

Portrait of Noorjahan Begam

Noorjahan's story

Noorjahan’s husband and three sisters were tragically killed by a cyclone when she was just 14. Now she volunteers to help others.

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