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‘Saving Megan is the best thing I’ve ever done.’

Pensioner Alex McTaggart saved Megan Higgins' life when she was just a baby – and was moved to tears when they were recently reunited.

First-aider Becky with her grandmother

Becky’s story: how I saved my choking granny

When Becky Fry’s 93-year-old grandmother started to choke and turn blue, her horrified family were stuck to the spot – but first aider Becky knew exactly what to do.

Ian Kennedy and 17-year-old first aid volunteer Dionne Burns

Dionne's story: the day I saved a man who had 'died'

Following a cross-country race, Iain Kennedy collapsed and – technically – died. But first aider Dionne Burns was there to help.

Kay Clow event first aid volunteer

Kay’s story: I go to all the best events

One of the perks of being an event first aid volunteer is going to your favourite events – just ask horse-mad Kay Clow, who attends Burghley Horse Trials each year.

Ray Riva Six Nations life-saver and colleagues

Ray’s story: ‘We saved a life at crowded rugby stadium’

11 Apr 2013

Event first aid volunteer Ray Riva had to contend with a dramatic emergency while on duty at a packed rugby game.

The magnificent six first-aiders

When a pensioner had a nasty fall outside a shopping mall and knocked himself unconscious, a nearby group of schoolkids didn’t hesitate to help.

Mick MacDonald is Lady Gaga

Is that Lady Gaga fundraising for us?

You’d need a p-p-poker face not to start giggling at the sight of fundraiser Mick MacDonald – but his freaky get-up raised £1,000.

Marjorie Bird with her singing volunteer

Marjorie’s story: thanks to my singing volunteer

Our volunteers are always willing to go the extra mile to help people – even if that means belting out a song or two.

Girl walks through Haiti camp

Mark's story: hope amid disaster - video

Arriving in Haiti two months after the earthquake, Mark South was prepared for the worst. But amid the devastation, he found Haitians trying to rebuild their lives.

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