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Aimee is reunited with her family

Aimee's story: escaping years of persecution

Aimee and her son narrowly escaped being shot in a Congo detention camp. Now in Glasgow, we helped her contact her family and start over.

Local Red Cross worker gathering information for the refugees on the banks of river Ubangi

Conflict affects entire population of the Central African Republic

30 May 2013

Tens of thousands of people are in need of shelter, healthcare and food following violent clashes between armed factions in the Central African Republic.

Father searching photos of missing children

Forget them not on International Day of the Disappeared

28 Aug 2009

On the Day of the Disappeared the Red Cross is reminding people that thousands of families are unaware of the fate of their loved ones missing in conflicts around the world.

A man wearing a red cross emblem trains soldiers in the laws of war

Survey results show support for laws of war

07 Aug 2009

The 1949 Geneva Conventions are just as necessary today as when they were signed 60 years ago, but many of the people they are designed to protect do not know they exist.

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