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Noura outside psycho-social centre in Jordan

Noura's story: "we have seen a big difference in the people we are helping"

26 Sep 2012

Noura works for a psycho-social programme in Jordan. Recently, she has been helping Syrian refugees.

Nine-year-old Raneem is receiving treatment for a growth hormone deficiency.

Raneem’s story: displaced, ill and in need of healthcare

At the Syrian Arab Red Crescent health centre in Mezzeh, Damascus, nine-year-old Raneem is receiving treatment for her growth hormone deficiency.

Syrian refugee Rania with her family

Rania’s story: leaving behind the good life

Before the conflict in Syria, Rania ran a hair salon and her husband worked in construction. They had a house, a car, and a good life.

A woman holds two children

Syria appeal tackles three years of emotional damage

13 Mar 2014

Three years since the Syria conflict began, a new British Red Cross appeal is helping people cope with the psychological impact of the crisis.

Volunteer in Syria plays with kids

Syria: preparing for multiple disasters

Earthquakes, floods and refugee crises – we’re helping the Syria Arab Red Crescent be prepared for all kinds of disasters.

A boy carrying bags of clothes

British Red Cross on standby to help Syrian refugees

29 Jan 2014

The British Red Cross is ready to support 500 Syrian refugees set to be brought to the UK in a humanitarian evacuation.

Two children stand in front of some rubble

Haiyan recovery looks to the future

08 Jan 2014

Work to rebuild communities in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan moved up a gear this week, as the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement began planning for years of recovery projects.

Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteer speaks to women

Syrian conflict "a cycle of despair"

22 Jan 2014

A global Red Cross and Red Crescent leader has called the Syrian conflict a cycle of despair

A woman holding bags of food

Tesco collections for Typhoon Haiyan smash record

10 Jan 2014

Volunteers fundraising at Tesco stores around the country raised a record-breaking £628,000 for the British Red Cross Typhoon Haiyan appeal in just two days.

A young man outside a shack holding a Red Cross parcel

Ambroise’s story: living alone after the quake

Ambroise Abrogo, 19, was out on the streets with his friends about to go and play football when the Haiti earthquake struck.

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