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FES volunteer Tom Newman in action

‘I help people at house fires’

09 Mar 2015

What makes someone get out of bed in the middle of the night to go and help a stranger whose home has burned down? Tom Newman sheds some light.

Arthur and Esther the six-year-old fundraiser

Arthur and Esther’s story: 'We wanted to say thank you'

After our volunteers helped pensioner Arthur Phillips recover from a house fire, his six-year-old granddaughter raised money for us to say thank you.

Cecil's story: 'Cottage fire burned everything'

When Cecil Muggeridge’s farm cottage was razed to the ground, he didn’t know where to turn – but our volunteers were soon at the scene to help.

Fire and emergency support volunteer talking to a firefighter

Dave and Lee’s story: ‘She was caught in the explosion’

Our volunteers raced through deep snow to help the family of a woman badly burned in a domestic gas explosion.

Michelle Telford and her volunteers

'I watched my home go up in flames'

After Michelle fled her burning home with five children, a grandchild and her dogs in tow, she had no idea what to do next – then the British Red Cross turned up.

FESS volunteers Pete Kingwell and Monty Wild

Isabel’s story: 'Wonderful volunteers were a great help'

When Isabel Jones saw her home go up in flames, our volunteers were soon there to offer support.

Jane Horton with her friendly FES volunteers

Jane’s story: ‘My cottage went up in flames’

When a blazing stove set fire to Jane Horton’s cottage, our fire and emergency support volunteers were quickly on hand to help.

Juliana’s story: 'My very first call out'

When lightning caused huge damage to a young family's home, volunteer Juliana Ali raced straight there to help – on her very first call-out.

The Lush family with FES volunteers

Justin and Claire’s story: 'Help after our traumatic fire'

When the Lush family saw their home go up in flames, our volunteers were quickly on hand to help get them through a traumatic night.

The Swindon FES team

Lightning strike causes fire for PlayStation fan

A young man playing games on his PlayStation in an attic flat experienced some unexpected special effects when his roof was blasted by two bolts of lightning.

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