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Volunteering in Norway

Placements abroad

Find out about international projects that are open to volunteers aged between 18 and 30 who live in the UK.

Amrita Pattni and London Marathon post-race reception

Paris Marathon

Take on the ultimate challenge and run the Paris Marathon with Team Red Cross.

A father searches for his lost child using the Red Cross international tracing and message services in Rwanda.

History of our refugee services

For over a century, the British Red Cross has been helping protect and support people who have been forced to leave their country fearing persecution.

Runner holds medal in front of the Arc de Triomphe at the Paris Marathon in 2013

Paris Marathon Buy a place

Take on the ultimate challenge and run the Paris Marathon with Team Red Cross.

Rami from Syria plays the violin in a refugee camp in Europe surrounded by young men listening to the music

Ode to Joy: Syrian refugee's new single to support the Red Cross

05 May 2017

Music student Rami fled Syria with just his violin. Now his first album will help support us to reach others like him.

Group of youth volunteers in Red Cross t-shirts with arms raised

About international youth volunteering

Find out who can volunteer overseas and what skills you need, plus practicalities such as where you'll stay.

A child holds a toddler in a muddy refugee camp

Responding to news of the demolition of the Calais Jungle

27 Oct 2016

Alex Fraser, Director of Refugee Support at the British Red Cross responds to news of the demolition of the Calais ‘Jungle’

Bryar, a refugee from Iraq, peering out of his tent at the Grande-Synthe refugee camp in France.

Red Cross supports refugee children on journey from Calais to UK

17 Oct 2016

The UK government has begun to transfer the most vulnerable children from the Calais “jungle” camp ahead of the proposed demolition of the camp. We are supporting the first 14 children moving from Calais to the UK today.

A child holds a toddler in a muddy refugee camp

Refugee children to be rescued from Calais 'Jungle'

12 Oct 2016

Our report highlighted the plight of refugee children left to fend for themselves in the Calais ‘Jungle’. Now Home Secretary Amber Rudd has committed to protecting these children and bringing them to the UK.

Ibrahim is reunited with his wife and three children at Manchester airport

Most Brits think their child could not face life alone aged 18 – the age refugee children are barred from reuniting with their family in the UK

24 Aug 2016

Just 11 per cent of British adults believe their child would be ready to face life alone at 18

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