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Sahiba with her child and some of the items she sells

Sahiba's story selling sweets so my children can eat

A Red Cross livelihoods grant helped Sahiba reopen her shop after it was destroyed by floods in Pakistan.

Pakistani man at Red Cross relief distribution

Saifdeen's story

Saifdeen and his family survived Pakistan’s floods, but now he has no home, no food and his children are suffering with a fever.

Soni Ali with her sewing machine

Soni's story rebuilding her business after the Pakistan floods

Thanks to a Red Cross livelihoods grant, Soni Ali can make enough money to support her growing family.

A woman washes her hands

Hygiene team helps thousands after floods

11 Jul 2013

A British Red Cross team has helped thousands of people in the wake of devastating floods in Mozambique.

A Red Cross worker helps a boy with a box of aid

How we provided relief

When the monsoon floods started claiming lives and destroying homes in Pakistan, the Red Cross moved quickly to respond, with food, shelter and medical care.

Anisa Ibrahim, middle, in Dadaab camp in Kenya

Anisas story

After she went missing, the Kenya Red Cross tracked down mother-of-seven Anisa Ibrahim and helped her get vital treatment for herself and her family.

Floods in Europe

Discuss current affairs in tutor time, PSHE & citizenship classes and assembly. News stories for young people with trigger questions.

Man carrying rope bed on his head in Pakistan

Pakistan floods

Use a single photo to discuss the human impact of the torrential monsoon rains that triggered Pakistan's worst natural disaster on record.

Red Crescent volunteer Joydev Dutt alerts hundreds of neighbours about Cyclone Mahasen through 11 hours of bike trips in the torrential rain.

Cyclone Mahasen downgraded as it heads inland

17 May 2013

As Mahasen moved across the Indian Ocean threatening Bangladesh and Myanmar earlier this week, the Red Cross helped the countries prepare.

Aid in Jamaica after Hurricane Sandy

Red Cross sends support to Jamaica and Cuba after Hurricane Sandy

06 Nov 2012

The British Red Cross is sending support worth £80,000 to relief operations, to help the Caribbean islands recover from the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

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