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An Italian Red Cross volunteer involved in the response to an earthquake

Italy earthquake

Topic: Disasters and emergencies
Age: 11–14
Subject: PSHE, Citizenship, Geography, English
Explore the humanitarian response to the 2016 Italy earthquake.

Earthquake drill

Introducing Emergencies: primary

Topic: Disasters and emergencies
Ages: 5–11
Subject: Geography, PSHE
Understand what an emergency is, how to stay safe and what to do to prepare.

Remote village of Sathighar 4 hours North of Katmandu

Natural disasters: earthquakes

Topic: Disasters and emergencies
Ages: 11–19
Subject: Geography
Understand the humanitarian impact of natural disasters.

Protestors demonstrate at Los Angeles International Airport on 29 January in response to a US ban on all refugees and people from several countries

Welcome fellow humans

08 Feb 2017

Topic: Refugees and migration
Ages: 11–16
Subject: PSHE, Geography
Explore the emotional impact on those affected by the ban on refugees.

Children carry water bottles in Bomet Kenya

Action for clean water: primary

Topic: Disasters and emergencies
Ages: 7–11
Subject: Geography, PSHE
Understand the importance of clean water through case studies from Kenya.

Water tank queue

Action for clean water: secondary

Topic: Disasters and emergencies
Ages: 11–16
Subject: Geography
Appreciate the importance of clean water and sanitation.

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