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Batyrkhan’s story: stigma forced me from my job

When Batyrkhan found out he was living with HIV, his family stood by him. But his employer and even hospital doctors reacted very differently.

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Constantin’s story: Support helped me quit drugs

Constantin Dukhanin faced fear and discrimination to turn his life around. Now he hopes to have a family and enjoy a brighter future.

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Alexandra's story

Alexandra Li was 18 when she found out she was living with HIV.

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Angela's story: Support group is like my own home

Discrimination against people living with HIV left Angela unemployed. But she has found help, warmth and advice thanks to the Red Crescent.

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Marat’s story: Without food parcels, I would die of hunger

Condensed milk. Bags of rice. Sugar. Could a simple pile of groceries really save someone’s life?

Ettie and her Red Cross carer

Ettie’s story – learning to walk again

Ettie was told by doctors she would never walk again after contracting spinal tuberculosis, but with Red Cross help, she has managed to regain her strength.

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Our HIV programme in Turkmenistan

We're helping educate students, the military, and other high-risk groups about HIV.

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TB and HIV in Kazakhstan

We're helping people in Kazkahstan where TB and HIV are major health problems killing many people every year.

Sibonelo Handsome Mtheku, a peer educator in South Africa

Postcode Lottery helps people with HIV and TB

18 Mar 2014

A Red Cross programme for people living with HIV and TB in South Africa is set to receive a £100,000 funding boost from players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

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