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South Africa Boniswe and daughter in their home

Boniswe's story: life with a smile

She may be living with HIV, but Boniswe Petronella Maphanga, 30, has a radiant smile, a gentle sing-song voice and a joyful attitude to life.

Photo of a woman

Dikeledi's story: the Red Cross helps support me

Dikeledi, 18, lost her mother to AIDS, but we’re helping her aunt support her with food, blankets and schoolbooks.

Man sitting in armchair

Eric's story: coming to terms with HIV

As a single father living with HIV, Eric’s biggest concern is for his son who was born with the disease.

South Africa Florence smiles as she lies in bed

Florence's story: "I’m frightened of passing away and there being no one to look after the children"

After losing all her children, Florence, 75, now cares for all six grandchildren and the Red Cross provides them with vital support.

Londaka outside the Red Cross kids club

Londaka's story: memories of my mother

Londaka is one of 1.4 million children orphaned by HIV-related illness in South Africa. Pink is her favourite colour, as was her mother’s.

Two women sitting on sofa hug

Mertie's story: staying positive

Mertie, 44, is a volunteer in South Africa, supporting people with HIV – she knows what they’re going through, as she’s HIV positive herself.

Red Cross volunteer Nancy standing under banner

Nancy's story: compassion in the community

Nancy is a hugely compassionate Red Cross volunteer who has made a massive difference to people living with HIV in her community.

Young man smiling and standing outside community hall

Sibonelo's story: a star in the making

Sibonelo, 20, puts his passion for entertaining to good use by using drama and music to teach young people in South Africa about HIV.

Skhumbuzo Ndlovu, a home-based care volunteer with the South African Red Cross

Skhumbuzo's story: "They helped me, now I'm helping others"

When South African Skhumbozo was diagnosed HIV positive, people didn’t want to know him. But we helped him start living his life again.

Man stands in front of car

Constantine's story: turning tragedy into action

Constantine works in his free time as a volunteer for the Turkmenistan Red Crescent, talking to teenagers about HIV and drug safety issues.

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