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Volunteers' stories providing HIV education in the UK

Our young volunteers in the UK raise awareness and fight discrimination and stigma by teaching their peers about HIV issues.

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Need help with HIV in the UK

Whether HIV affects you personally or you’re just looking for information, this list of organisations will point you in the right direction.

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Our HIV programme in the UK

In the United Kingdom, our HIV work is focused on education and prevention, predominantly working with young people.

A large group of HIV peer educators wearing a t-shirt that encourages people to get tested

HIV education

Read about Together We Can (TWC) - our HIV peer education programme that empowers young people to spread the word about HIV.

Agnes from Matshuzula village in Zimbabwe

Red Cross supports hunger-hit Zimbabwe

26 Feb 2013

The British Red Cross has given more than £80,000 from its Disaster Fund to support the Zimbabwe Red Cross.

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Africa Food Crisis 2006

We launched an appeal in 2006 to help people across Africa survive when drought and inflated prices left them without enough food.

Phiaodonia Chivandire with a boy in front of a house

Southern Africa food crisis 2005/6

We raised money to help 1.5 million people by providing food, strengthening livelihoods and improving water and sanitation.

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Zimbabwe and Region Appeal 2008

The Red Cross was on the ground in Zimbabwe from the beginning of the cholera epidemic, delivering water and focusing largely on public education.

A young woman and man show off their t-shirts that read 'HIV positive, until proven negative, get tested'

HIV education in the Caribbean

Aids is one of the leading causes of death for people aged 25-44 in the Caribbean. Read about how we help by delivering HIV education.

Young people still fear stigma of HIV

28 Nov 2011

As World AIDS Day (1 December) approaches, a new survey shows many young people fear their parents would react badly if they told them they were HIV positive.

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