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Mother cooks and breastfeeds her baby in Amunga IDP camp, Lira

Ugandan women face daily struggle

Women in displacement camps in northern Uganda face violence on a daily basis. Find out how the Red Cross has worked to address gender-based violence.

Woman with red highlights in hair

Sarah’s story: first aid in practice

We've taught first aid to Sarah and others in her community and they're already seeing the difference it makes to people's injuries.

Woman in orange beret

Younger’s story: seeing change in the community

We helped Younger, 42, learn how to protect herself and her seven children from diseases like malaria and diarrhoea.

South African kids with a football

The World Cup brings more than football to South Africa

18 Jun 2010

With World Cup frenzy, South Africa is under a global spotlight. But there's a lot more at stake than football fans might think.

Young people learning about HIV in South Africa

HIV education

Find out about how we train young volunteers so they can tell their friends about how to prevent HIV transmission and reduce stigma.

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