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Alla sitting in her living room

Alla’s story: struggling with stigma

When Alla was diagnosed with TB she felt like an outcast, but with counselling and support from the Red Crescent she’s feeling better.

Dmitry standing by his back door

Dmitry's story: drugs, TB and HIV

Diagnosed with TB and HIV, and estranged from his wife and daughter, Dmitry had no desire to live. Today, he has a different story.

Sergei on the sofa with his wife, sister and niece

Sergei’s story: protecting my family from TB

Sergei was so worried about the stigma of living with TB he thought he’d lose his job, but with our support he’s no longer afraid.

A Red Cross volunteer teaching chicken farming

How we are making a difference

We are improving the lives of over half a million people living with HIV or AIDS. Find out how and what are plans are for the future.

A group of Red Cross peer eductaors

How your company can get involved

The KZN project offers a great community investment opportunity for companies who want to make a real difference to people's lives.

A young woman and man show off their t-shirts that read 'HIV positive, until proven negative, get tested'

HIV education in the Caribbean

Aids is one of the leading causes of death for people aged 25-44 in the Caribbean. Read about how we help by delivering HIV education.

Red Cross volunteer sitting in front of a washing bowl

Healthcare in Sierra Leone

Now the war's over in Sierra Leone, disease is the biggest threat – we're helping communities prevent and treat illness and injury.

Boy in Lesotho

HIV projects in Lesotho

We are working in partnership with the Lesotho Red Cross to run a community home-based care HIV programme - find out how you can help.

Young people still fear stigma of HIV

28 Nov 2011

As World AIDS Day (1 December) approaches, a new survey shows many young people fear their parents would react badly if they told them they were HIV positive.

Young children eating in a South Africa Red Cross school

Annie Lennox lends her voice to World AIDS Day

29 Nov 2010

Annie Lennox has joined forces with the British Red Cross for World AIDS Day to highlight the lives of people affected by HIV in South Africa.

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