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Black and white photo of boy, girl and woman holding relief parcels and smiling

Delivering relief to the Channel Islands in the Second World War

When Germany occupied the Channel Islands during the Second World War, islanders relied on the Red Cross for food and communciations with the UK.

Red Cross volunteer nurses

War-time volunteers and personnel records

Searching for information about a relative who served as a British Red Cross volunteer in the First or Second World War? We may be able to help.

Discussion between an ICRC delegate and  detainees

The Geneva Conventions

The four Geneva Conventions, agreed by every country, set out how soldiers and civilians should be treated in wartime.

Red Cross and St Johns volunteers posters

History of the Cayman Islands Red Cross

Read about the history of our branch - from 1961 when it was founded by Mrs Ethel Cook-Bodden to the present day.

Red Cross and St Johns volunteers posters

Visit our museum and archives and FAQs

Find information about visiting our museum and archives for research purposes and FAQs.

Photo of nurse and man sweeping

Our historical collections

If you're a researcher, find out about our archives, audio visual collection, historical publications and museum items.

Royal Charter

Our Royal Charter

Our Royal Charter is the governing document that sets out our purpose, powers and responsibilities.

Meals on wheels volunteers

Historical factsheets

Find out more about the tremendous role our volunteers and staff have played throughout history.

Model Land Cruiser with red cross emblem made from cooking oil tins

How to donate historical items

Have a special item that is related to our history? Find out what kinds of donations we accept for our collections.

Royal Red Cross

Medals and badges

Find out about some of the medals and badges the British Red Cross has issued over the years.

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