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A father searches for his lost child using the Red Cross international tracing and message services in Rwanda.

History of our refugee services

For over a century, the British Red Cross has been helping protect and support people who have been forced to leave their country fearing persecution.

Man preparing food

Support for young refugees

We work with young asylum seekers and refugees aged 15 up to 25 years to support them as they move into adulthood.

A woman is rescued from flooding in Myanmar by Red Cross workers

Volunteer dies saving families from lethal floods

18 Aug 2015

As floods sweep through southern Asia, a Red Cross volunteer in Myanmar has died saving others from the disaster.

Grant recipient Camille Marole with his sweet stall

Livelihoods recovery in Haiti

The Red Cross helped people rebuild their businesses and recover their livelihoods after the Haiti earthquake.

Men in a boat

Lethal floods and landslides hit Myanmar

03 Aug 2015

Monsoon rains have killed dozens of people and forced many more to flee.

Two men carrying a stretcher

Patient shot to death in the back of an ambulance

31 Jul 2015

Attacks make it even harder to get aid through.

Woman in Nepal helps with earthquake recovery effort

Red Cross boss visits Nepal to help plan for earthquake recovery

09 Jun 2015

A key Red Cross conference is taking place in the capital Kathmandu.

Aid in Syria

What we are doing in Syria

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement has been helping in Syria since before the unrest began. It has now scaled up its response and is providing support across the region.

Sudanese Red Crescent volunteer hands out relief items

Help after emergencies around the world

There are few humanitarian organisations that respond as quickly to disasters as the Red Cross. We are usually the first organisation at the scene.

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