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Nepalese woman cries in the rubble

Join the Disaster Relief Alliance

Become a highly involved member of our close team. You will invest in our disaster preparedness and relief work, participate in inspiring events and help us innovate how we deliver aid.

Volunteering in Norway

Placements abroad

See the kinds of international projects that are open to volunteers aged between 18 and 30 who live in the UK.

Red Cross volunteers in gas masks carry a stretcher

Photo gallery: our work in the Second World War

See photos showing how Red Cross volunteers helped soldiers and civilians in the Second World War.

Red Cross worker holds a Haitian child

Support our Disaster Fund

By donating to our Disaster Fund before a disaster occurs, your company can empower us to prepare for emergencies and immediately respond to crises.

A man in a field

Can you restart a life with 150 pounds?

Rice farmer Ricky cares for his mother. A simple cash grant got them on the path to recovery after Typhoon Haiyan.

Modern slavery, trafficking and exploitation

Incredibly, there are still slaves and trafficking victims all over the world – and the victims may require help from a range of Red Cross services.

A woman standing outside a house with bamboo walls

Homeless and broke at 62

A falling mango tree threatened to change Nenita Bugay's life for ever.

A young woman

I was 8 months pregnant when the typhoon came

After surviving the a disaster, Sharon learned first aid - and was soon putting her skills to good use.

A woman sat outside a shop

Savings and smiles - Erlinda is back in business

Everyone in Erlinda's neighbourhood knows her shop. But what happened when a typhoon tore it apart?

Woman outside her house after Haiti earthquake

Help local people deal with disasters, Red Cross urges

28 Sep 2015

Governments and aid organisations must do more to help local disaster response efforts, according to a new Red Cross report.

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