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A woman in a red short

"My nurse was so kind"

Mother-of-two Larisa Pisareva was shocked to learn she had TB. The news meant months of treatment – and a long separation from her daughters.

A middle-aged man

Cobbler back on his feet after beating TB

Arsene Avchyam overcame TB after months of treatment. Now he makes sure his friends and customers learn more about this potentially deadly illness.

Damaged homes

Cyclone Pam: "It was like a monster"

20 Mar 2015

The British Red Cross has pledged £490,000 to bring aid to cyclone-hit Vanuatu and nearby countries.

Hassan in bare field, Ethiopia

Acute food shortages hit countries in Africa’s Sahel region

19 Mar 2015

The British Red Cross has pledged more than half a million pounds to help people caught up in a growing and under-reported crisis in Africa.

Australian nurse Anne Carey joined the fight against Ebola, working at the Red Cross treatment centre in Sierra Leone.

Brits say “Ebola doctors are heroes, but keep away from me”

18 Mar 2015

A British Red Cross poll has found that most British adults admire the work of Ebola health-care workers, but would avoid any contact with them in the UK.

A man holds a milk bottle

No-one Home: See our amazing new artwork

The Red Cross is using 1,461 milk bottles to create a powerful artwork marking four years since the start of the conflict in Syria.

Service user with musical instruments

Placements abroad

See the kinds of international projects that are open to volunteers aged between 18 and 30 who live in the UK.

Water surges through trees

Red Cross on the ground after Cyclone Pam

16 Mar 2015

Aid workers are rushing to help after Cyclone Pam brought death and destruction to hundreds of Pacific islands this weekend.

A woman sits indoors

Debt and darkness at the top of the stairs

In a dark room at the top of three flights of crumbling, water-logged stairs, Ameena sits with her two severely disabled sons.

A man stands beside a concrete building

From bullets to the breadline

When stepping out of his front door meant facing a storm of gunfire, Marwan knew he had to leave.

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