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A man in a field

Can you restart a life with 150 pounds?

Rice farmer Ricky cares for his mother. A simple cash grant got them on the path to recovery after Typhoon Haiyan.

A woman standing outside a house with bamboo walls

Homeless and broke at 62

A falling mango tree threatened to change Nenita Bugay's life for ever.

A young woman

I was 8 months pregnant when the typhoon came

After surviving the a disaster, Sharon learned first aid - and was soon putting her skills to good use.

A woman sat outside a shop

Savings and smiles - Erlinda is back in business

Everyone in Erlinda's neighbourhood knows her shop. But what happened when a typhoon tore it apart?

Woman outside her house after Haiti earthquake

Help local people deal with disasters, Red Cross urges

28 Sep 2015

Governments and aid organisations must do more to help local disaster response efforts, according to a new Red Cross report.

A man carrying a woman in his arms

You won't believe this pregnant woman's journey

Iraq was the only place Hadil knew - and then violence forced her to flee.

A Bangladesh Red Crescent volunteer warns people of a coming cyclone

How to end extreme poverty in 15 years

25 Sep 2015

A historic plan to end extreme poverty everywhere has been welcomed by the Red Cross.

Women embracing after being reunited

International family tracing

If families get separated after conflict, disaster or migration, we trace missing relatives and put them back in touch – wherever they are.

A woman in a red suit and face mask talks to a man

British Red Cross launches urgent appeal for Europe refugee crisis

03 Sep 2015

The British Red Cross has launched an emergency appeal as the refugee crisis in Europe continues to escalate.

Flags showing the red cross and red crescent

Red Cross helps after huge earthquake in Chile

17 Sep 2015

Volunteers and staff are on the ground helping people caught up in the disaster.

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