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Andy stands in front of bushes

Andy’s story: reconnecting with his birth family

Andy's father sent him to the UK from Germany when he was a boy, and the two lost touch soon after. We've helped him find his father's widow.

Women embracing after being reunited

International family tracing

If families get separated after conflict, disaster or migration, we trace missing relatives and put them back in touch – wherever they are.

A man with glasses standing outside

Batyrkhan’s story: stigma forced me from my job

When Batyrkhan found out he was living with HIV, his family stood by him. But his employer and even hospital doctors reacted very differently.

Three children are crouched on the ground under a blue and yellow umbrella

Friends through disaster

Julie-Ann Benedict, Julius Steven and Valerie Jean have grown up together. They braved Typhoon Haiyan together, now they’re learning to survive together.

A house on stilts

Therese's story

Therese's home was destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan. But the Red Cross has helped her family find safety again.

Therese is reunited with her family in London

Refugee facts and figures

Get the truth about refugees and asylum seekers - an issue that is often misreported - with our asylum facts and figures.

A man stands outside in the snow

Constantin’s story: Support helped me quit drugs

Constantin Dukhanin faced fear and discrimination to turn his life around. Now he hopes to have a family and enjoy a brighter future.

A woman stands in a snowy street

Alexandra's story

Alexandra Li was 18 when she found out she was living with HIV.

Haiti child with cholera being treated

Cholera in Haiti

As Haiti’s cholera crisis continues, the Red Cross is treating thousands of people and carrying out hygiene promotion.

A woman holds a little girl on land covered in snow

Syrians need urgent support this winter

22 Dec 2014

Millions of Syrians face an uncertain winter as vital aid funding begins to dry up.

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