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First aid volunteers in Aleppo

Batoul’s story: 'I can help my community with neutrality'

After watching two shocking bomb attacks in Damascus on television, Syrian student Batoul wanted to help people affected by the ongoing violence in Syria.

Syria ambulances

Meet the people working in Syria

Explore photos of Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteers and staff, and see the crisis through their eyes.

Red Cross worker with Nadia's two disabled boys

Nadia's story: "I nearly gave up my sons"

26 Sep 2012

To make the crossing from Syria to Jordan, Nadia had to give her disabled sons sleeping pills and carry them for four days.

Noura outside psycho-social centre in Jordan

Noura's story: "we have seen a big difference in the people we are helping"

26 Sep 2012

Noura works for a psycho-social programme in Jordan. Recently, she has been helping Syrian refugees.

Nine-year-old Raneem is receiving treatment for a growth hormone deficiency.

Raneem’s story: displaced, ill and in need of healthcare

At the Syrian Arab Red Crescent health centre in Mezzeh, Damascus, nine-year-old Raneem is receiving treatment for her growth hormone deficiency.

Syrian refugee Rania with her family

Rania’s story: leaving behind the good life

Before the conflict in Syria, Rania ran a hair salon and her husband worked in construction. They had a house, a car, and a good life.

Syrian woman in Jordan

Ruba's story: our home in Syria is gone

26 Sep 2012

When Ruba and her two children first arrived in Jordan, they slept in a garden for two days because they had no other choice.

A woman in a headscarf

Tamador's story: staying positive as a refugee

Support sessions help Tamador make friends, talk about how feelings and find hope for the future.

Aid in Syria

What we are doing in Syria

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement has been helping in Syria since before the unrest began. It has now scaled up its response and is providing support across the region.

In Ha Konote village, the Red Cross running activities such as traditional dance and singing.

Our HIV programme in Lesotho

We support HIV prevention and treatment in Lesotho, which has one of the highest HIV infection rates among adults in the world.

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