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Hayat walks again

Hayat’s name means life, yet she nearly lost hers when her family’s home in Yemen was bombed. Her foot was so badly damaged that it had to be amputated. Find out how we're helping Hayat take her first steps.

Watch: preparing for cyclones

See how communities across flood-prone areas of Bangladesh use early warning systems to prepare for cyclones.

Children washing their hands

Tackling poverty, disease and disaster in East Timor

We're building brighter futures in one of the world's youngest - and poorest - countries.

Volunteers distribute food parcels from a truck to waiting crowds

Essential food and medical care to Syrians fleeing besieged areas

27 Jun 2016

More than 500 children, many of them malnourished, were among those given essential food and water in Syria this week. The Red Cross, through our partners the Syrian Arab Red Crscent, helped 1,500 people who fled besieged areas of Al-Raqqa, Palmyra and Dier ez-Zor.

Doctors and nurses perform surgery on a patient in an operating theatre

Health centre extends vital support to mothers and babies

01 Jun 2016

Thousands of malnourished mothers and babies in Yemen will benefit from essential health services thanks to a new grant for a reproductive health unit.

Three men from the Iraq Red Crescent give a box of relief supplies to a family living in a tent

Iraq: help for families fleeing Fallujah

02 Jun 2016

As fears grow for tens of thousands of people are trapped inside the Iraqi city of Fallujah by fierce fighting, the Red Cross is supporting 850 families who fled to a safe area about 30 kilometres away.

Red Cross vehicles travel past a bombed building

Syria: aid reaches Daraya for first time in three years

02 Jun 2016

The Red Cross provided the first relief aid to reach the besieged Syrian town of Daraya since 2012. This included medicines, baby milk, vaccines and nutritional supplements. A delivery of urgently needed food is planned for Friday 3 June.

A volunteer bandages a boy's foot outside Fallujah

Wounded in no man’s land: essential health care for civilians in Fallujah, Iraq

24 Jun 2016

Over 60,000 people have fled the city of Fallujah in Iraq after fierce fighting. The families, who are now reaching camps in Amriyat Al Fallujah, are in need of food, water, shelter and medical attention.

Bangladesh Red Crescent volunteers walk in a line carrying warning flags

Volunteers save lives in Cyclone Roanu

When Cyclone Roanu struck the coast of Bangladesh in May 2016, people were prepared thanks to a Red Cross programme in their communities and nobody from the project area was killed in the disaster.

Woman standing in front of a hazard map

Sokanur’s story: taking initiative

Women are particularly at risk of losing their lives in cyclones, but Sokanur and her friends are now better prepared.

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