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People holding crates of donated items

Donate your products or expertise

Donating your products or expertise can really support our work.

Man and woman fundraising for the Red Cross

Employee fundraising

Motivate, engage and unite your staff with unique fundraising events and challenges.

The Snowman and the Snowdog Red Cross card


Partner with us to promote your brand and our work.

Employees in Red Cross t shirts

Make us your charity of the year

A charity of the year partnership is a great way to unite and motivate employees.

Woman recycling clothes


De-clutter your office while helping the environment and raising money for us.

Land Rover sponsored event


Sponsor a British Red Cross event and align your company with one of the UK's most recognised and trusted brands.

Discussion between an ICRC delegate and  detainees

The Geneva Conventions

The four Geneva Conventions, agreed by every country, set out how soldiers and civilians should be treated in wartime.

Land Rover in the snow

UK-wide and multi-country partnerships

Become a major partner and support our work throughout the UK and around the globe.

First aid volunteer


We can offer corporate partners many opportunities for staff to give their time or expertise to support our work.

Djibouti: improving water and sanitation

Djibouti suffers very high levels of poverty – but the Red Cross is helping some of its poorest people look forward to a better future.

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