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Red Cross workers distributed relief supplies to a women in an urban area of Ukraine

Ukraine crisis: Red Cross supports people who fled their homes

14 Jul 2016

Fighting in the Ukraine crisis has become more violent. The Red Cross is helping thousands of families with cash grants to buy food and vouchers for other essential supplies.

People surrounded by rubble

How we're helping in Nepal

The British Red Cross is supporting the three-year programme, which is funded by a £4 million grant from the UK government’s Department for International Development(DFID).

Muhammad and Amal outside their home

Red Cross calls on MPs to help separated refugee families

12 Jul 2016

Today the British Red Cross, along with partner organisations, is hosting a parliamentary event focussing on how changes to those rules can help alleviate suffering. Family reunification: making it work for the most vulnerable will be hosted by Conservative MP David Burrowes. The event is calling for the Government to do more to reunite families safely and legally.

A woman's head and shoulders

Destitution rising among refugees and asylum seekers

11 Jul 2016

The British Red Cross helped almost 5,600 destitute refugees and asylum seekers in the first half of 2016. This figure is up 16 per cent from the same period in 2015.

A young woman

I was 8 months pregnant when the typhoon came

After surviving the a disaster, Sharon learned first aid - and was soon putting her skills to good use.

Hayat walks again

Hayat’s name means life, yet she nearly lost hers when her family’s home in Yemen was bombed. Her foot was so badly damaged that it had to be amputated. Find out how we're helping Hayat take her first steps.

Watch: preparing for cyclones

See how communities across flood-prone areas of Bangladesh use early warning systems to prepare for cyclones.

Children washing their hands

Tackling poverty, disease and disaster in East Timor

We're building brighter futures in one of the world's youngest - and poorest - countries.

Volunteers distribute food parcels from a truck to waiting crowds

Essential food and medical care to Syrians fleeing besieged areas

27 Jun 2016

More than 500 children, many of them malnourished, were among those given essential food and water in Syria this week. The Red Cross, through our partners the Syrian Arab Red Crscent, helped 1,500 people who fled besieged areas of Al-Raqqa, Palmyra and Dier ez-Zor.

Doctors and nurses perform surgery on a patient in an operating theatre

Health centre extends vital support to mothers and babies

01 Jun 2016

Thousands of malnourished mothers and babies in Yemen will benefit from essential health services thanks to a new grant for a reproductive health unit.

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