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People standing in rubble in Gaza

Gaza and Israel crisis: British Red Cross launches appeal as death toll spirals and water and medical supplies dwindle

24 Jul 2014

The British Red Cross has launched an emergency appeal to help people affected by the conflict in Gaza and Israel.

Men and women walk among damaged buildings

Third Syrian Red Crescent volunteer dies in as many months

11 Jun 2014

A Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) volunteer has lost her life while carrying out humanitarian work, the third such death in as many months.

A group of people stand in hard hats and Red Cross tabards

Urban disasters: Red Cross societies plan for the future

02 Jun 2014

Seven Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies joined forces to plan for urban disasters at a unique event in Nepal.

Young refugee children

How we support refugees

Fleeing your home and arriving in a new country can be traumatic. We offer support for vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.

A smiling woman wearing a Sierra Leone Red Cross peace animator t-shirt

Video: peace building in Sierra Leone

We’re encouraging communities in war-torn Sierra Leone to work together and build peace through participating in development activities.

Red Cross workers helping a man rescued from flooding in Serbia

Appeal launched for Balkans flooding

22 May 2014

The British Red Cross has launched an appeal to help people affected by widespread flooding in the Balkans.

Serbian Red Cross workers responding to the floods

Red Cross responds to flooding in Balkans

20 May 2014

The Red Cross is helping with rescue operations as flooding in the Balkans continues to affect tens of thousands of people.

A smiling girl carries a jug of clean water in Haiti

Why we don't send volunteers overseas

As part of an international network, we can save time and money by working through local volunteers.

Girl walks through Haiti camp

Mark's story: hope amid disaster - video

Arriving in Haiti two months after the earthquake, Mark South was prepared for the worst. But amid the devastation, he found Haitians trying to rebuild their lives.

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