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Flood relief supplies delivered from a Red Cross vehicle

Volunteers reach out to more flooded communities

10 Feb 2014

As the flooding crisis continues, our emergency response volunteers are broadening their relief effort to include Kent and Surrey.

Volunteers discuss an incident with fireman

Red Cross helps hundreds struck by storms and power cuts

27 Dec 2013

As stormy weather struck the UK, the Red Cross has been out supporting people through power cuts and flooding this week.

Emergency response volunteers unloading equipment from vehicle

Red Cross emergency teams continue storm response

30 Oct 2013

The British Red Cross is continuing to provide support to emergency services and people in need of help after the storm that hit parts of the UK.

British Red Cross ambulance with boot open showing emergency supplies

British Red Cross provides help as storm hits UK

28 Oct 2013

The British Red Cross has been providing support to emergency services and people left stricken after a storm hit parts of the UK.

Tyrannosaurus Alan play at Red Rave

Young people rave for Red Cross

11 May 2009

Young people from Medway have raised money for the British Red Cross by putting on an intimate gig with some young up-and-coming local bands.

Emergency response UK (day)

Volunteers help residents during Kent power cut

23 Jul 2009

A young mother and her one-week-old baby were among those helped by British Red Cross volunteers during a four-day power cut in Kent and Bexley.

British Red Cross sign

Alison's story: knock on door saves man's life

29 Apr 2009

A normal working day took an emergency turn as answering the Beckenham Red Cross centre door revealed a young man chocking on a chicken bone.

Heavy snow on top of cars

Heavy snow causes weekend of chaos

21 Dec 2009

British Red Cross volunteers are working hard to help thousands of people affected by bad weather in the UK.

Steve Wynne - inclusive first aid volunteer

Steve's story: deaf first aid videos

For deaf first aid trainer Steve Wynne, life has got a lot easier following the Red Cross’ introduction of a series of signed first aid videos.

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