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Children raising their hand during a Red Cross lesson

Key dates to help you plan your lessons

We've prepared a handy list of awareness days and events taking place during the term/s ahead, plus accompanying teaching resource ideas from the British Red Cross, to help you plan your lessons.

People surrounded by rubble

How we're helping in Nepal

The British Red Cross is supporting the three-year programme, which is funded by a £4 million grant from the UK government’s Department for International Development(DFID).

Women from a community committee look at the work they have done on a river bank

How we're helping with floods in Nepal

A Red Cross project in the Jhapa region of the Terai now supports people in 54 communities to reduce their risk from floods and other disasters.

Man, woman and child sitting on boat

South Asia floods 2004

The worst floods in decades hit South Asia in June 2004. Around 1,800 people died and 70 million people were affected across the region.

Sophie Orr, a British Red Cross delegate who worked as the ICRC's deputy head of sub-delegation in Sudan

Prepare for problems when travelling abroad

British people make more than 66 million trips abroad each year. Make your trip or holiday a safe and healthy one.

Pilot project

The British Red Cross and the University of Cambridge have developed an educational pilot project for 14 – 19 year olds, which is designed to address all forms of extreme thinking and reduce conflict arising from polarised views.

An adult hand holding a baby's hand, with screenshot of the Baby and Child First Aid app

Baby and child first aid app

Be prepared to help babies and children with the free Red Cross first aid app for Apple and Android.

Image of First Aid, Facebook, Maps, Twitter, Angry Birds and Mail icons

Red Cross first aid app

Get life-saving skills at your fingertips with the free Red Cross first aid app for Apple, Android and Windows.

Volunteer discusses an incident with a fireman

Fire prevention and safety

There are more than 50,000 house fires each year in the UK, causing an average of 350 fatalities and 11,000 injuries – and most of these are preventable.

Emergency response vehicle

How to prepare for terrorist attacks

Terrorist attacks happen without warning, but there are ways you can prepare for them. Read our tips to find out more.

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