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Children raising their hand during a Red Cross lesson

Key dates to help you plan your lessons

We've prepared a handy list of awareness days and events taking place during the term/s ahead, plus accompanying teaching resource ideas from the British Red Cross, to help you plan your lessons.

Aviva logo

Aviva celebrates its first year in partnership with the British Red Cross

17 Feb 2017

The charity partnership, launched in February last year, celebrates its first twelve months of helping communities prepare for and respond to disasters in the UK and overseas.

A group of female students

Free education workshops for young people

We offer education to help young people understand, cope with and take action in a crisis.

Red Cross volunteer with people

British Red Cross volunteers on standby to respond to floods across the east coast

13 Jan 2017

British Red Cross staff and volunteers across the east coast of England are preparing to respond to a storm surge

A support at home volunteer chats to a person who uses our service on his admission from hospital

A third of Britons believe they lack support in a crisis says British Red Cross as it launches campaign to help people

20 Jan 2014

Over a third of people in the UK do not have support networks to turn to in a crisis, the Red Cross has found.

Poverty and financial hardship

Find out what help is available when you are having trouble paying bills, need a foodbank or advice on what benefits you can claim.

Swine flu frequently asked questions

Here are some useful tips that highlight how best to protect yourself and others from swine flu.

Swine flu symptoms

Knowing the symptoms of swine flu will help you recognise it in yourself and others at an early stage, so you can take precautions against spreading it.

Volunteer talks with a family after a domestic fire

Coping with a crisis

If you have endured a crisis, your experience is likely to have been a very personal one - but we can help you avoid potential pitfalls.

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