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Paper doll chain

Introduction to humanity

Topic: Humanitarianism and the Red Cross
Ages: 6–11
Subject: PSHE
Explore the word “humanity” and the idea of helping others.

Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret giving a radio broadcast

Refugees: primary activities

Topic: Refugees and migration
Ages: 5–11
Subject: English
Explore what children know and think about refugees.

WWI British Red Cross

WWI: Operation Ouch

Topic: Conflict
Ages: 9–11
Subject: History, PSHE, English
Lessons based around the CBBC Operation Ouch! WWI film.

Members of the public paying respect to those affected by the Manchester bombing

Manchester and London attacks

02 Jun 2017

Topic: Disasters and emergencies
Age: 5–11
Subject: PSHE
Help children explore their emotions following news of a traumatic event.

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