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All I left behind. All I will discover: an exhibition of art by young refugees

All I left behind. All I will discover is a series of art works created by young refugees supported by British Red Cross projects in London and Kent. From drawings, paintings, silkscreen prints, sculptures and ceramics – the artworks speak about traumatic journeys, nostalgia for home and optimism in their new lives. Above all they highlight the strength and resilience of these young people.

Edna teaching volunteers and staff to eat okra

Open Arms

Bringing communities in Liverpool and Greater Manchester together

A boy carrying bags of clothes

Refugee facts and figures

Get the truth about refugees and asylum seekers - an issue that is often misreported - with our asylum facts and figures.

Children raising their hand during a Red Cross lesson

Key dates to help you plan your lessons

We've prepared a handy list of awareness days and events taking place during the term/s ahead, plus accompanying teaching resource ideas from the British Red Cross, to help you plan your lessons.

Woman at desk

Ending destitution

We are calling for changes to the asylum system to prevent people being left in desperate conditions without homes or jobs.

Rami from Syria plays the violin in a refugee camp in Europe surrounded by young men listening to the music

Ode to Joy: Syrian refugee's new single to support the Red Cross

05 May 2017

Music student Rami fled Syria with just his violin. Now his first album will help support us to reach others like him.

Marie needed our help to reunite with her family.

The ‘Dubs Amendment’ and the ‘Dublin Regulation’ explained

Two distinct laws offer a route to safety for child refugees in Europe. One of them is under threat.

Justin Welby in Derby

Archbishop visits Derby drop-in centre for Refugee Week

23 Jun 2016

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby visited a British Red Cross drop-in centre for refugees on Wednesday.

Two asylum seekers get advice and support from two British Red Cross staff at the drop-in centre in Liverpool

Everton in the Community and British Red Cross help asylum seekers in Liverpool

05 Apr 2017

Everton in the Community is supporting British Red Cross to extend services to asylum seekers in north Liverpool.

Man preparing food

Support for young refugees

We work with young asylum seekers and refugees aged 15 up to 25 years to support them as they move into adulthood.

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