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destitute asylum seeker

Red Cross report reveals the life in limbo of refused asylum seekers who cannot return

03 Mar 2017

People refused asylum in the UK, but are unable to return home should be allowed temporary leave to remain if they meet Home Office requirements says the British Red Cross

Montage of migrants holding maps with their journeys highlighted

Young refugees and asylum seekers write heartfelt letter about need for safe routes to protection

23 Feb 2017

A group of young refugees and asylum seekers who arrived in the UK on their own write a letter appealing for safer routes for children

destitute asylum seeker

Red Cross report reveals plight of asylum seekers trapped in destitution

05 Mar 2017

A new Red Cross report has revealed the bleak situation faced by refused asylum seekers in the UK.

destitute asylum seeker

Young refugees write letter inspired by closure of Dubs Amendment

22 Feb 2017

A group of young refugees and asylum seekers have written a letter appealing for safer routes for children fleeing conflict or persecution.

destitute asylum seeker

Asylum destitution on the rise - British Red Cross

03 Feb 2017

Thousands of refugees and asylum seekers are being left destitute in Britain, according to British Red Cross figures

A group of female students

Free education workshops for young people

We offer education to help young people understand, cope with and take action in a crisis.

Children raising their hand during a Red Cross lesson

Key dates to help you plan your lessons

We've prepared a handy list of awareness days and events taking place during the term/s ahead, plus accompanying teaching resource ideas from the British Red Cross, to help you plan your lessons.

Marie needed our help to reunite with her family.

The ‘Dubs Amendment’ and the ‘Dublin Regulation’ explained

Two distinct laws offer a route to safety for child refugees in Europe. One of them is under threat.

Red Cross worker helps child on rescue boat

Closure of Dubs scheme brings risks to child refugees

09 Feb 2017

The Red Cross is concerned for the welfare of thousands of unaccompanied children across Europe following a decision by the UK Government to close a viable route to safety.

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