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Protestors demonstrate at Los Angeles International Airport on 29 January in response to a US ban on all refugees and people from several countries

Welcome fellow humans

The ban on refugees and people from several countries entering the United States dominated news coverage. Explore the impact on the people affected and find out about two sisters who waited at an airport while their mother was detained.

Yamat a refugee from Syria shows a picture of her new home in Glasgow

Refugee week 2016 – Welcome

Help young people explore the humanitarian impact of the refugee crisis and consider the difference a welcome could make to someone seeking refuge or asylum.

An Iraqi family wait at a check point near the town of Qayyarah

Mosul checkpoint: Everything is beautiful

Explore a family's long journey to safety with this thought provoking teaching resource.

Popole Misenga a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo and a judo athlete

Live your passion

Who would you rather talk to? A refugee who has fled a war zone or an athlete competing in the Olympic games in Rio 2016?

Migrants keep warm by a fire as they cope with the wet and cool weather while waiting to be processed at the increasingly overwhelmed Moria camp on the island of Lesbos on October 21 2015

Out in the cold

What impact will the changing weather have on vulnerable migrants and refugees? Find out with our photo-based teaching resource.

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