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Londaka outside the Red Cross kids club

Londaka's story: memories of my mother

Londaka is one of 1.4 million children orphaned by HIV-related illness in South Africa. Pink is her favourite colour, as was her mother’s.

Two women sitting on sofa hug

Mertie's story: staying positive

Mertie, 44, is a volunteer in South Africa, supporting people with HIV – she knows what they’re going through, as she’s HIV positive herself.

Red Cross volunteer Nancy standing under banner

Nancy's story: compassion in the community

Nancy is a hugely compassionate Red Cross volunteer who has made a massive difference to people living with HIV in her community.

Young man smiling and standing outside community hall

Sibonelo's story: a star in the making

Sibonelo, 20, puts his passion for entertaining to good use by using drama and music to teach young people in South Africa about HIV.

Skhumbuzo Ndlovu, a home-based care volunteer with the South African Red Cross

Skhumbuzo's story: "They helped me, now I'm helping others"

When South African Skhumbozo was diagnosed HIV positive, people didn’t want to know him. But we helped him start living his life again.

Not just a game

Discuss current affairs in tutor time, PSHE & citizenship classes and assembly. News stories for young people with trigger questions.

Agnes from Matshuzula village in Zimbabwe

Red Cross supports hunger-hit Zimbabwe

26 Feb 2013

The British Red Cross has given more than £80,000 from its Disaster Fund to support the Zimbabwe Red Cross.

Young children eating in a South Africa Red Cross school

Annie Lennox lends her voice to World AIDS Day

29 Nov 2010

Annie Lennox has joined forces with the British Red Cross for World AIDS Day to highlight the lives of people affected by HIV in South Africa.

First aid hero on South African holiday

Chris’s story: I saved my tour guide’s life

During a South African holiday, Chris – who had just completed a first aid course –ended up saving her tour guide’s life.

South African kids with a football

The World Cup brings more than football to South Africa

18 Jun 2010

With World Cup frenzy, South Africa is under a global spotlight. But there's a lot more at stake than football fans might think.

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